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Hans de Graaff 07-14-2012 06:21 AM

Packages up for grabs: app-editors/xemacs and app-xemacs/*
If you are looking to pick up ~130 packages in one quick move, then wait
no longer and add yourself to the xemacs herd! You'll get
app-editors/xemacs and all the packages in app-xemacs/*

You will inherit a few open bugs, but nothing high priority. XEmacs
editor and package release happen quite infrequently and we are fully
up-to-date right now.

After 21 years I figured it was time for some change, so I've now
started to use GNU Emacs, and thus I no longer have an interest in
maintaining XEmacs. My main reason for switching is that extensions are
all written for GNU Emacs these days and with XEmacs pretty much
stagnant its compatibility layer is no longer up to dealing with these.

If you are using xemacs and want to maintain these, please let me know.
I have some scripts to automate updates that aren't available elsewhere.
I won't drop the packages to maintainer-needed and I'll monitor the
xemacs alias for now to tell people this is no longer maintained.

Kind regards,


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