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Sven Vermeulen 04-05-2012 08:21 PM

Cleanup of @link attribute in guides
Hi guys,

Unless I'm notified why I shouldn't, I'll be removing the @link attributes
from all guides under gentoo/xml/htdocs from the <guide...> tags. This
attribute was used in the past for improving linking across documents, but
the underlying functions have all been removed for quite some time now and I
rather clean up the DTD a bit.

I'm aiming for Tuesday April 10th (or later) to give the smarter guys and
girls here ample time to tell me to stop touching their files and do some
real work instead.

Once the link has been removed from the documents, I'll also remove it from
the DTD so that new commits won't bring it in again.

Yours faithfully,
your local doc monkey

Sven Vermeulen

PS Sending to gentoo-dev because it also includes changes on the
xml/htdocs/proj/* documents.

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