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Marijn 03-16-2012 01:09 PM

Looking for (Common) Lisp shepherds
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the Gentoo Lisp project is having trouble maintaining Common Lisp
packages and to a lesser extent Scheme packages due to a lack of
time/interest of the people currently working on that. Most of those
packages are leaf packages, but some are not: mostly dev-scheme/guile
and dev-lisp/sbcl (Steel Bank Common Lisp compiler) I think. Many
Common Lisp packages have been maintained in our overlay (mostly
thanks to Stelian Ionescu (fe[nl]ix)) including SBCL but not much has
moved to main tree.
With this email I am hoping to achieve (in order of preference) that
either some people with an interest in the Lisp family of programming
languages join our team to help us out, or some people (without said
broader interest?) take over primary responsibility for non-leaf
packages that are suffering, with the Lisp team taking a back seat.

People interested in joining us can contact us on our mailing list
<> or on freenode in our channel #gentoo-lisp.

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