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Piotr Szymaniak 02-17-2012 08:58 PM

Packages/build systems not honoring LINGUAS and a sane solution

Long story short:
localepurge will be removed from portage [1]. As I was (/am) heavy
user of it I found it funny that "linguas takes care of the proper
locale installation" [2]. Maybe it should, but there's some major
failure in lots of packages.

So I filled few dozen bugs about this, but it's not always an easy task
to make a package respect LINGUAS. As we talked about it on #gentoo-bugs
there were few suggestions to solve this issue.

Not directly related to solving, but will help (by ssuominen):
make a tracker bug for offending packages

And related to issue:
1) an eclass to clean unwanted locale/man pages/whatsoever - yngwin
suggested that theres something similar for qt [3]
2) something like FEATURES="fixlafiles" (fixlocale? ;)


[3] -
000039 < yngwin>
at the end has prepare_translations, but it's Qt specific

Piotr Szymaniak.
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