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William Hubbs 06-28-2011 10:10 PM

rfc: should openrc be mandatory on all gentoo systems?

the reason for this email is and the bugs that
currently depend on it. I'm sure there will be more of those.

The background is that /etc/init.d/ is a link to
/lib/rc/, which is part of openrc.

Other init systems, like systemd, are coming along which completely
replace sysvinit and do not use openrc's init scripts at all. However,
since things other than init scripts are using /etc/init.d/,
all gentoo users are forced to have openrc on their systems whether they
use its init scripts or not.

As you can see in the bug, I am working on creating a
minimalist version of openrc that can be installed to allow users to
have access to the functions that are in regardless of
whether or not they are using openrc's init system.

I'm not convinced that this is the best approach, so any input would be
greatly appreciated.


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