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Torsten Veller 12-17-2009 05:52 AM

Implicit IUSE
* Jonathan Callen <>:
> Torsten Veller wrote:
> > Why is prefix not in IUSE?
> >
> > IUSE lists "the USE flags used by the ebuild.
> > Historically, USE_EXPAND values and ARCH were not included..."
> >
> > prefix is not an ARCH.
> >
> While prefix is not an ARCH or a in USE_EXPANDed variable, it is
> included in the list of implicit USE flags, which do not need to be
> included in IUSE.

I found the list of implicit USE flags:

def _get_implicit_iuse(self):
Some flags are considered to
be implicit members of IUSE:
* Flags derived from ARCH
* Flags derived from USE_EXPAND_HIDDEN variables
* Masked flags, such as those from {,package}use.mask
* Forced flags, such as those from {,package}use.force
* build and bootstrap flags used by

For 'prefix' we rely on the fact that it will either be in use.mask
or use.force.
So why do we still add 'selinux' to IUSE?

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