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Ed W 11-06-2009 11:05 PM

openrc-0.5.1 arrived in the tree
Mike Frysinger wrote:

On Friday 09 October 2009 13:57:07 Matthias Schwarzott wrote:

As some of you have waited long for this to happen, sys-apps/openrc-0.5.1
is there.

btw, i didnt thank you for handling this. so thanks. uNF.

I'm really, really late in on this thread, but just in case anyone
wants to work on some docs for this, the big picture change here seems
to be that Roy is very strongly driving down the route that his dhcpcd
project should start to handle nearly all configuration of interfaces.*
Now this is quite an interesting approach and you have a whole bunch of
hook scripts that allow you to control quite a lot of stuff as
interfaces come up and down

I believe the reason he is dropping the old network scripts is
complexity of code rather than a statement that they weren't useful.* I
rather hope that the final outcome will be a new, but simpler version
of what we currently have (with simpler code) - the logic being that
dhcpcd will remove much of the current configuration required...

So right now the "new" network scripts are roughly "bring your own
interface up", and then the idea is dhcpcd takes over and finishes the
job (the emphasis here is that you only need to bring the interface up,
not much else)

Dunno, seems like an interesting change which is only 3/4 implemented
so far - lets see where it goes from here.* Certainly the new dhcp
daemon is rather spiffy though and well worth checking out (top tip is
basically to disable the dhcp module in openrc and/or ensure that
dhcpcd is started well before any networking scripts, wierd things
happen otherwise)

Final tip seems to be that there are actually a lot of openrc docs, but
they are all man pages.* If you don't realise this then you will not
find a lot of info on the web and feel rather disappointed...

Hope this helps someone?

Ed W

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