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Daniel Drake 12-30-2007 05:09 PM

media-libs/svgalib maintainers wanted

Are there any developers who use svgalib and would be interested in
helping out maintenance-wise?

It's currently maintained by Mike (spanky) but he doesn't use it or have
any interest in it - he just looks after it because nobody else does.

I believe he's about to commit the fix for the current critical open bug
(#195632) but if anyone else is interested in helping out it would
probably help response-time in the future (it does have some real users
who have been bitten by this bug for a number of weeks).

It's not a fun package to maintain - not very useful IMO, it's a kernel
module that lives outside the kernel so it will regularly break
overnight, upstream are rather dead, etc, but if someone wouldn't mind
putting some time towards it now and then, some of our users would
appreciate it :)

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