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Petteri Räty 02-24-2009 09:21 PM

Collecting opinions about GLEP 55 and alternatives
Let's try something new. I would like to get opinions from as many
people as possible about GLEP 55 and alternatives listed here in order
to get some idea what the general developer pool thinks. Everyone is
only allowed to post a single reply to this thread in order to make it
easy to read through. The existing thread should be used for actual
discussion about the GLEP and the alternatives. This should be a useful
experiment to see if we can control ourselves :)

My notes so far:

1) Status quo
- does not allow changing inherit
- bash version in global scope
- global scope in general is quite locked down

2) EAPI in file extension
- Allows changing global scope and the internal format of the ebuild
a) .ebuild-<eapi>
- ignored by current Portage
b) .<eapi>.ebuild
- current Portage does not work with this
c) .<eapi>.<new extension>
- ignored by current Portage

3) EAPI in locked down place in the ebuild
- Allows changing global scope
- EAPI can't be changed in an existing ebuild so the PM can trust
the value in the cache
- Does not allow changing versioning rules unless version becomes a
normal metadata variable
* Needs more accesses to cache as now you don't have to load older
versions if the latest is not masked
a) <new extension>
b) new subdirectory like ebuilds/
- we could drop extension all together so don't have to argue about
it any more
- more directory reads to get the list of ebuilds in a repository
c) .ebuild in current directory
- needs one year wait


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