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"Ge@@ru" 09-04-2012 07:05 AM

Gnome3 + Gstreamer 0.11(1.0)
Hi at all,

for testing last version of gnome3 I create some ebuild (that aren't yet
available on layman). Are needed some fixes on dependencies but
currently, I use it and I have only some problems on start gdm.
I hope that can help you to create correct ebuilds.

I begin yet porting of gstreamer-0.11 (soon 1.0) with new eclass files
(but this step is not easy because a lot of packages require fix of the file) so, I'm trying to use two different slot and fix
compilation for any package where use of new gstreamer library is

Here, you can found my overlay:

My cent to gnome-overlay

Regards and happy new gnome3 ebuild!


P.S. If I can I'm glad to help gnome-overlay with gnome and new
gstreamer library.

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