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Old 03-06-2009, 12:19 PM
"Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto"
Default 2009-05-03 meeting summary and log


Here are the summary and log of yesterday's KDE team meeting.
Thanks to Thomas for preparing the meeting, running it and preparing the


Jorge Vicetto (jmbsvicetto) - jmbsvicetto at gentoo dot org
Gentoo- forums / Userrel / Devrel / SPARC / KDE
yngwin, wired, scarabeus, alexxy, cryos, jmbsvicetto, hwoarang, bonsaikitten, tampakrap, reavertm

kde3 state/others:
- merging to master branch in kde-testing soon, for more info/help offers talk with tampakrap
- so correct prefixing for kde3 and no more blocks are coming near to you.
- create important bug list and ask bugday people and others for help -> tampakrap

amarok maintainer:
- send mail to -dev to get one -> scarabeus

homepage updates:
- we need to keep our webspace up-to-date and guides actualy working -> yngwin, tampakrap

squash the bugs/issues, unslot, unkdeprefix... -> bonsaikitten

may be even working, needs testing/patching -> wired

kde4 stabling/keywording:
we need to check deps so they are working on target arches
also we should make less strict deps on kde4 eclass -> scarabeus on this

hopefully done, now only bugfixing -> reavertm, scarabeus

removal of htmlhandbook:
introduce working doc flag -> probably scarabeus (needs to be done before 4.2.2)

tarballs splitting and libs/apps versioning:
- discussion to start on the desktop ml -> jmbsvicetto

send mail to dirk -> jmbsvicetto
repack tarballs -> bonsaikitten
set on rest for now by majority vote, come and volunteer if you want it changed

let's aim at having each kde team member fixing 5 bugs per week
20:00 <@scarabeus> LETS BEGIN
20:00 < bumbl> and i use mplayer
20:00 <@yngwin> ok
20:00 <@scarabeus> so first nice question is
20:00 <@scarabeus> WHO IS AROUND?
20:00 < NoirSoldats> o/
20:00 <@yngwin> !herd kde
20:00 < Willikins> yngwin: (kde) alexxy, caleb, carlo, cryos, deathwing00, genstef, jmbsvicetto, keytoaster, mattepiu, patrick, scarabeus, tampakrap, tgurr
20:00 <@yngwin> !herd qt
20:00 < Willikins> (qt) caleb, carlo, hwoarang, yngwin
20:00 * wired is here
20:00 * yngwin is present
20:01 * alexxy here
20:01 < bumbl> xine-lib-9999 does not compile yngwin because of missing Makefile.in
20:01 -!- mode/#gentoo-kde [+v reavertm] by scarabeus
20:01 <@scarabeus> where are the other slackers :P
20:02 <+wired> slacking
20:02 <+wired>
20:02 <@yngwin> bumbl: see forum thread. if there is a patch/solution, i will apply it (tonight or tomorrow)
20:02 * cryos|work is kinda here, ill, stressed...
20:02 <@scarabeus> cryos|work: hi :]
20:03 -!- KotBehemot [n=dracul66@unaffiliated/kotbehemot] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:03 <@jmbsvicetto> ping
20:03 <@jmbsvicetto> Sorry for being late
20:03 <@scarabeus> ok we are closing onto desired goal >50% around :]
20:03 <@cryos|work> I think you need to ping an address, or is that a broadcast packet?
20:03 <@hwoarang> here
20:03 -!- genady12__ [n=genady12@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:04 <@alexxy> where is our main slacker? bonsaikitten are you here?
20:04 <@alexxy> =)
20:04 <@bonsaikitten> am I ?
20:04 <@bonsaikitten> yes!
20:04 <@jmbsvicetto> cryos|work: broadcast ping
20:04 <@scarabeus> ok so i guess we can start, others would have to show up later...
20:05 <@scarabeus> any objections?
20:05 <@yngwin> none
20:05 <@jmbsvicetto> who are we missing?
20:05 <@alexxy> =)
20:05 <@yngwin> tampa
20:05 < Philantrop> Carlo! ;->
20:05 <@scarabeus> tampakrap i guess and reaver
20:05 <@jmbsvicetto> Philantrop: :P
20:05 <@scarabeus> Philantrop: you actualy get him on irc at some point? :]
20:05 <@jmbsvicetto> Hi Wulf
20:05 < Philantrop> scarabeus: No, he never was nor will he ever.
20:05 <@bonsaikitten> Hi Phil
20:05 < Philantrop> jmbsvicetto: Hello! :-)
20:06 <@scarabeus> hehe
20:06 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: carlo is a "mail" guy
20:06 -!- KotBehemot [n=dracul66@unaffiliated/kotbehemot] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:06 <@scarabeus> yea i got that :]
20:06 < Philantrop> jmbsvicetto: ... if he communicates at all.
20:06 <@jmbsvicetto> Philantrop: well, a reply to a 4 or 6 month mail is still a reply :P
20:07 <@scarabeus> http://www.pastebin.cz:80/15872
20:07 < Philantrop> jmbsvicetto: :-) True.
20:07 <@tampakrap> i'm here
20:07 <@scarabeus> here is a list what we will chat about today
20:07 <@scarabeus> hello tampy
20:07 <+wired> tampy!
20:07 <+wired> lol
20:07 * cryos|work only claims 42% presence --- man flu...
20:08 <@scarabeus> ok so we can start with kde3.5.10 state
20:08 < bumbl> cryos|work: get well soon
20:08 <@scarabeus> cause on that we all probably will just listen
20:08 <@tampakrap> i'd like to say a few things about KDE 3 first
20:08 <@tampakrap> may I?
20:08 <@jmbsvicetto> Hi Theo
20:08 <@scarabeus> yes proceed
20:08 <@yngwin> say
20:08 <@tampakrap> ok
20:09 <@jmbsvicetto> cryos|work: yeah, my cold has been bugging me for the past week :
20:09 <@tampakrap> in kde-testing i have a kde-3.5 branch with new eclasses
20:09 <@tampakrap> those eclasses prefix misc kde apps in /usr/kde/3.5 and permit eapi2 ebuilds
20:10 <@tampakrap> i have started writing all kde-base ebuilds in eapi 2 i have about 60 here
20:10 <@tampakrap> jmbsvicetto told me today to try to get rid of arts and use a different backend
20:10 <@tampakrap> i'm not sure if this can be done and to be honest i don't know if it worths it
20:10 * jmbsvicetto looks innocently into the sky
20:10 <@tampakrap> i'd like your opinion
20:11 <@tampakrap> and of course some testing of you people
20:11 <@jmbsvicetto> tampakrap: if it's too much work, forget arts
20:11 <@bonsaikitten> kill arts.
20:11 <@yngwin> in my opinion kde 3.5.10 works as is, and i wouldnt spend too much time on 'improving' the ebuilds
20:11 <@tampakrap> especially the kde4 guys, as the pending big issue is the proper use of kde3 apps inside kde4 environment
20:11 <@jmbsvicetto> tampakrap: I was just interested to find out if we could kill it
20:11 < Philantrop> jmbsvicetto: You could.
20:11 -!- looonger [n=looonger@host-89-231-128-7.rawamaz.mm.pl] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:12 <+wired> tampakrap: have you done any changes to the eclasses since we lasted talked about them?
20:12 <@scarabeus> i agree with killing
20:12 <@jmbsvicetto> Philantrop: we should, but meh :
20:12 <@yngwin> give peas a chance
20:12 <@tampakrap> wired: yes but not pushed
20:12 < Philantrop> jmbsvicetto: I wouldn't do it anymore. It's not worth the effort anymore.
20:12 <@jmbsvicetto> yeah, I agree
20:13 <@scarabeus> it was allways broken from my POV and it is not worth the problems with it i guess
20:13 <@jmbsvicetto> tampakrap: how can we help you getting it done?
20:13 <+wired> tampakrap: ok, just asking because last time i used them [by accident] kdebluetooth failed to install
20:13 <@scarabeus> wired: most of the bugs i tried to fix
20:13 <@yngwin> kdebluetooth is problematic anyway
20:13 <@yngwin> should probab;ly be hardmasked
20:13 <@tampakrap> jmbsvicetto: i'll ping you guys when i need help don't worry
20:14 <@jmbsvicetto> tampakrap: If you think the eclasses are "almost done", you should probably merge them to the master branch
20:14 <+wired> yngwin: it works fine for me (with bluez < 4)
20:14 <@tampakrap> yes i'm about to do it
20:14 <@jmbsvicetto> ok
20:14 <@scarabeus> ok
20:14 -!- scratch[x] [n=scratch@] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:15 <@tampakrap> but i agree with Philantrop it is not worth the effort, everyone is moving to kde4.2, just a quick cleanup of kde3 is enough
20:15 <@scarabeus> yep
20:15 <@yngwin> on a related note, i want to mask ~qt-3.3.8 for removal, and leave only ~qt-3.3.8b in tree
20:15 <@tampakrap> and i am more intrested in kde4 too
20:15 <@alexxy> kde 3.5.x is old =)
20:15 <@tampakrap> yngwin: feel free
20:15 -!- er0x [n=kvirc@client-87-247-122-156.inturbo.lt] has quit ["KVIrc Insomnia 4.0.0, revision: , sources date: 20090224, built on: 2009/03/04 18:54:25 UTC http://www.kvirc.net/"]
20:16 <@yngwin> alexxy: maybe old, but it works
20:16 <@scarabeus> :]
20:16 <@jmbsvicetto> yngwin: Is anything holding qt-3.3.8 around?
20:16 <@jmbsvicetto> yngwin: looking at keywords I see they're the same
20:16 <@yngwin> i thought kdebluetooth
20:16 <@tampakrap> ok about kdebluetooth
20:16 <@jmbsvicetto> ah, ok
20:17 <@yngwin> not 100% sure, will look tomorrow
20:17 < bumbl> there might be some users who still want to use kde 3.5 until ~ kde 4.4 (which is when all the third party developers will have ported their apps (hopefully))
20:17 <@scarabeus> NOTE: (guys i found out that my loging is not working with this weechat version so i will write summary and somebody else will have to put the log on devspace)
20:17 <@jmbsvicetto> bumbl: hmm, besides k3b, which major apps are still missing?
20:17 * wired keeps logs
20:17 <@tampakrap> bumbl: it's no reason to wait for them to release, we can provide working snapshots
20:17 <@tampakrap> jmbsvicetto: nothing!
20:17 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: I have logs, don't worry
20:17 <@scarabeus> ouk
20:18 <@yngwin> jmbsvicetto: k3b, konversation, that i know
20:18 <@scarabeus> kile
20:18 <@scarabeus> and others
20:18 < bumbl> jmbsvicetto: kaffeine4 is still very basic (kaffeinegl seems dead)
20:18 <@scarabeus> kde3 is still needed
20:18 <@yngwin> quanta!!!!!!!!!!
20:18 <@alexxy> kile works from :live
20:18 < _genuser_> qt-core is almost done.
20:18 <@alexxy> k3b dont at this moment
20:18 <@scarabeus> live is not good for normal users :]
20:18 <@jmbsvicetto> yngwin: I liked quanta
20:18 <@tampakrap> ok about kdebluetooth i'll have a look at it and try to find the very best solution
20:18 < _genuser_> then more hours for kdelibs.
20:18 < Sho_> Konversation's KDE 4 port is shaping up nicely, so that will be gone from the list soon.
20:18 <+wired> jmbsvicetto: yeah quanta is badly missing
20:18 <@alexxy> we can make snapshots for kile
20:19 <@alexxy> =)
20:19 <@yngwin> jmbsvicetto: i was hoping for quanta with vimpart
20:19 <@scarabeus> blah
20:19 < _genuser_> I'm so excited that in 2 days I can finally run kde4.2.
20:19 < _genuser_> that was sarcastic.
20:19 < _genuser_> hopefully it runs soon.
20:19 < bumbl> shouldn't kdevelop4 replace quanta?
20:19 < Bluespear> jmbsvicetto: Kile
20:19 <@tampakrap> we can make snapshots for many packages and maybe we can start doing it
20:19 <@scarabeus> tampakrap: do you need our help somewhere on kde3?
20:19 < Bluespear> using TexClipse and this just sucks
20:20 <@tampakrap> scarabeus: not now maybe in a few days
20:20 <@jmbsvicetto> oh and obviously we still a "working" amarok
20:20 < bumbl> genady12_: ah that's why my sarcasm detector went wild
20:20 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: next? getting 3.5.10 stabled?
20:20 <@tampakrap> people please we have a meeting here...
20:20 <@tampakrap> right
20:20 <@scarabeus> hehe lets wait what tampakrap shows us
20:21 <@scarabeus> for now lets fix the prefixing
20:21 <@scarabeus> :]
20:21 <@scarabeus> we still have ~2 months
20:21 <@jmbsvicetto> For getting 3.5.10 marked as stable? :
20:21 <@yngwin> why? there's no need to keep 3.5.10 from going stable
20:21 < Sho_> scarabeus: remember my kepas thing *g*
20:21 <@jmbsvicetto> I was hoping to do it next month
20:21 <@tampakrap> as i said the main issue is running kde3 apps inside kde4 env that's where i need help and testing
20:21 <@yngwin> THIS month
20:21 <@jmbsvicetto> yngwin:
20:21 <@tampakrap> how can we do it this month with so many bugs open?
20:22 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: for 4.2 starting its consideration
20:22 -!- ABCD [n=ABCD@wikipedia/ABCD] has quit [Client Quit]
20:22 <@scarabeus> ok this leads to the virtualbox snapshots i talked about
20:22 <@yngwin> tampakrap: can you make a list of the important bugs that need fixing? so we can work on that, and ask users (bugday!) to help
20:22 <@scarabeus> we should create some generic gentoo instalation with kde3 and kde4 for testing
20:22 <@tampakrap> yes i can
20:22 -!- ABCD [n=ABCD@wikipedia/ABCD] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:22 <@yngwin> that would be helpful
20:23 <+wired> scarabeus: Im on that
20:23 <@jmbsvicetto> yngwin / tampakrap: I think the most imporant point to get 3.5.10 marked as stable is getting the eclasses in the tree
20:23 <@tampakrap> i should separate kde base bugs from the misc ones as a first step
20:23 < NoirSoldats> wired: How is that coming? Do you need my help?
20:23 <@jmbsvicetto> brb
20:23 -!- tampakrap changed the topic of #gentoo-kde to: MEETING NOW | Official gentoo-kde project channel | KDE 4 guide: http://tinyurl.com/4n47v4 | Overlays: kde-testing, qting-edge | Want to help us? Ask channel staff for info | Bugs: http://tinyurl.com/kdebugs1 http://xrl.us/qtbugs | Useful links: http://userbase.kde.org/ http://ktown.kde.org/~dirk/dashboard | KDE 4.2.1 is available | Weird issues with nvidia-drivers-180.35? bug 260441 | Qt 4.5.0 committed
20:23 <+wired> NoirSoldats: well with 4.2.1 and all it kinda fell behind, but its cool, i figured out how to compact the thing as well so its more a matter of time now
20:24 <@tampakrap> i think we're done with kde3
20:24 <@scarabeus> if nobody has questions on ya
20:24 < NoirSoldats> wired: I'm here if ya need me or my processors.
20:24 <+wired> alright, we'll talk about it after the meeting
20:24 <@tampakrap> oh the last i wanted to tell about kde3
20:24 -!- panard [n=panard@2a01:e35:8a09:e130:2e0:61ff:fe11:7adb] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:24 < comawhite> anyone ever noticed you can compile all of koffice-2 except Krita
20:25 <@scarabeus> comawhite: i know, not now, later i will talk with you
20:25 < comawhite> okay
20:25 <@tampakrap> carlo is doing an excellent job with kde3 misc apps he closed many bugs but he is never on irc, has anyone contacted him ever?
20:25 <@bonsaikitten> only by email
20:26 <@yngwin> i gave up after he didnt answer my emails last year
20:26 <@tampakrap> ok i'll keep that in mind
20:26 -!- Bluespear [n=speedy@dhcp-83-219-104-51.customers.tvtnet.ch] has quit ["Leave"]
20:26 <@jmbsvicetto> tampakrap: You should use mail to talk to carlo
20:26 <@scarabeus> tampakrap: only by mail, or best is creating bug with high priority assigned to him
20:26 <@scarabeus> that is how i contacted
20:26 <@tampakrap> ok
20:27 <@scarabeus> ok next thingie is:
20:27 <@scarabeus> we need somebody maintain the amarok
20:27 <@yngwin> not me
20:27 <@alexxy> not me =)
20:27 < NoirSoldats> hehe
20:27 <@scarabeus> is anyone from us willing to be official maintainer?
20:27 <@tampakrap> both kde3 and 4?
20:27 <@scarabeus> yeah both
20:27 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: I haven't looked at 5.1.72 yet (mysql), but I'll get back to it this week
20:27 <@tampakrap> omg
20:28 -!- eyal_ [n=eyal@IGLD-80-230-109-116.inter.net.il] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:28 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: I don't think amarok for kde3 should require much work
20:28 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: :P
20:28 -!- mschiff [n=mschiff@e176096142.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:28 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: well not much work but minor bugz are poping up
20:28 <@tampakrap> jmbsvicetto: no it does
20:28 <@scarabeus> so polishing it needs
20:28 <@jmbsvicetto> :
20:28 <@tampakrap> it is a mess, pretty abandoned
20:29 <@yngwin> yes, flameeyes tried to drop it on me
20:29 <@scarabeus> i guess we could sent mail on -dev
20:29 <@jmbsvicetto> amarok-1.4 ?
20:29 <@yngwin> indeed
20:29 <@yngwin> as i offered to help at the time when he had to go to hospital
20:30 <@scarabeus> hehe
20:30 <@yngwin> he assigned all amarok bugs to me
20:30 <@scarabeus> soo do we have suicider, erm i mean maintainer...
20:30 <@tampakrap> btw amarok-2.2 released
20:30 <@scarabeus> tampakrap: yeah i know
20:30 <@alexxy> tampakrap: what?!
20:30 <@scarabeus> 2.0.2
20:30 <@scarabeus> he cant write
20:30 <@scarabeus>
20:30 <@tampakrap> look i'm a big fun of amarok but until the end of the month i'll be pretty busy with some things and i can't take it
20:31 <@scarabeus> yes i know i am not saying you should
20:31 <@yngwin> we could just hardmask it and assign to maintainer-needed
20:31 <@scarabeus> ok i will sent the mail on the dev you lazy ....
20:31 <@scarabeus>
20:31 <@hwoarang> i wonder if amarok compiles with qt-4.5 now
20:31 < NoirSoldats> hwoarang: Mine did.
20:31 <@alexxy> hmm
20:31 <@hwoarang> so does here but the upstream bug is still open
20:31 < NoirSoldats> hwoarang: With a little hacking.
20:31 <@alexxy> we can add amarok 2.0.2 to overlay
20:31 <@hwoarang> and reproducable by many users
20:32 <@alexxy> to see if it works
20:32 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: add me silently to the amarok bugs
20:32 <@hwoarang> +1 to alexxy
20:32 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: ok adding as note if you are really sure :]
20:32 <@jmbsvicetto> yup
20:32 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: I'll take a look at it
20:32 <@tampakrap> will the kde-herd and sound-herd maintainers remain though?
20:32 <@scarabeus> yes of course :]
20:33 <@scarabeus> ok amarok is done i think :]
20:33 <@yngwin> i dont think anyone @sound is really interested
20:33 <@scarabeus> now i have "homepage updates" it means that we have pretty much tons of outdates info on webspace, in doc and in informations
20:33 <@tampakrap> i don't care for sound-herd after all
20:33 <@scarabeus> so we need somebody that will actualy try to keep that up-to-date
20:34 * tampakrap
20:34 <@yngwin> tampakrap: careful, i am in sound
20:34 <@tampakrap> next subject
20:34 <@tampakrap> :P
20:34 <@scarabeus> tampakrap: you will really keep the web updated? are you sure it is lots of pages and lots of stuff :]
20:34 <@scarabeus> specialy now main page and the guide needs heavy lifting
20:34 <@scarabeus> so do you have time?...
20:34 <@yngwin> i can help
20:35 <@tampakrap> look as i said until the end of a month i'll be pretty busy with some things, next i'll have too much free time
20:35 <@tampakrap> i'll take care of the guide though
20:35 <@scarabeus> ok you two, try to work it out somehow then :]
20:35 <@scarabeus> bonsaikitten: ping
20:35 <@scarabeus> now i need you :]
20:36 <@bonsaikitten> what!
20:36 <@tampakrap> wait a minute
20:36 <@bonsaikitten> I'm just providing access to tarballs
20:36 <@scarabeus> bonsaikitten: nope, i need YOU to take look on pykde bugs, and actualy fix them
20:36 <@bonsaikitten> yeah
20:36 <@scarabeus> since you are most relevant for this
20:36 <@tampakrap> one quick note about the guide, people when you are fixing major stuff please do the guide fixes too immediately or assign it to someone, but it is a must
20:36 <@bonsaikitten> scarabeus: I claim incompetence
20:36 <@bonsaikitten> been quite busy with work, maybe I find some time during the weekend
20:37 <@scarabeus> greatie
20:37 <@scarabeus> bonsaikitten: feel free to even remove it from kdeprefix
20:37 <@bonsaikitten> well, first gotta fix slotting
20:38 <@scarabeus> yup
20:38 <@bonsaikitten> then see why it randomly fails
20:38 <@bonsaikitten> then learn enough C++ to fix it
20:38 <@scarabeus>
20:38 <@scarabeus> there is nothing how i could help, combo of python and cpp is overhead for me
20:38 <@scarabeus> :]
20:38 <@bonsaikitten> hehe
20:39 <@bonsaikitten> I still have so many other bugs I want to take care of
20:39 <@yngwin> maybe mask pykde4 then
20:39 <@scarabeus> it will allways be that way, but this is one of the biggest kde4 stable blockers now
20:40 <@scarabeus> yngwin: even that might be the final solution if we wont make it work
20:40 <@scarabeus> althrought it would disable lots of plasmoids
20:40 <@bonsaikitten> no Final Solutions here
20:40 <@yngwin> now it just fails for too many ppl
20:40 <@bonsaikitten> we are pacifists who give every ebuild a chance
20:40 <@scarabeus>
20:40 <@jmbsvicetto>
20:41 * bonsaikitten glares at Phil
20:42 <@scarabeus> any of you have any ideas about the bluez and kbluetooth, somebody who uses it, i might make it work, but frankly i dont use it much so i might missed stuff, it needs testing and maybe even patching
20:42 <@scarabeus> kbluetooth4
20:43 <@bonsaikitten> so let's ask users
20:43 <@scarabeus> bluez is hardmasked
20:43 < bumbl> just compiled pykde4-9999 successfully
20:43 <@bonsaikitten> I have no bluetooth equipment
20:43 <@scarabeus> so it needs really brave insaners to test
20:43 * alexxy dont have bluetoth
20:43 <+wired> i have bluetooth but i stopped trying with kbluetooth4 some time ago because it broke my nerves
20:44 <+wired> i can test again
20:44 -!- himikof [n=himikof@129.167.249.ozerki.net] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:44 -!- Varox [n=Varox@p4FD441A6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:44 <@scarabeus> wired: ok
20:44 <@scarabeus> i will leave it up to you
20:44 < bumbl> gnokii + bluez + kdebluetooth4 + /me = /me insane
20:44 <+wired> ok. i think i saw a patch for solid and bluez4 somewhere
20:45 -!- Ghabit [n=quassel@] has quit ["No Ping reply in 30 seconds."]
20:45 <@scarabeus> ok as sidenote and selfegomasturbation, this week i fixed KOFFICE and it works fine
20:45 <@scarabeus> so we are prepared to add it for the tree :]
20:45 -!- Ghabit [n=quassel@] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:45 <@tampakrap> i was about to ask it, what was the issue?
20:45 <@bonsaikitten> yey
20:45 <@scarabeus> i spent 6-7 hours on it
20:45 * wired writes down todo notes ^_^
20:45 <@scarabeus> and developed nice cmake hate
20:46 <@tampakrap> ok well done
20:46 -!- bschindler|away [n=quassel@zux221-218-241.adsl.green.ch] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:46 <@bonsaikitten> haha
20:46 <@bonsaikitten> build systems seem to be very good for hate
20:46 <@scarabeus> indeed
20:47 <@scarabeus> but still i like it more than scons and bam
20:47 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: so you've finally learned to hate cmake? :P
20:47 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: Are you feeling the love for autotools again?
20:47 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: sorry for my disbelieve
20:47 <@scarabeus> yes
20:47 -!- kostekjo [n=opera@chello084010120054.chello.pl] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:47 <@scarabeus> cause autotools wont allow such messy code
20:47 -!- Varox [n=Varox@p4FD441A6.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:47 <@scarabeus> or i didnt see it anywhere
20:47 <@jmbsvicetto> hehe
20:47 <@scarabeus> reavertm: pingping
20:47 <@alexxy> scarabeus: take a look @gromacs
20:47 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: you should check kde autotools - it's also great
20:47 <@alexxy> =)
20:48 <@scarabeus>
20:48 <@alexxy> to see autotools mess code
20:48 <@scarabeus> ok ok dont make me ruin my ideals
20:48 <@jmbsvicetto> hehe
20:48 <@bonsaikitten> let's rewrite kde to use maven
20:48 <@bonsaikitten> that would be orgasmic
20:48 <@jmbsvicetto> bonsaikitten: let's use propper autotools :P
20:48 <@bonsaikitten> jmbsvicetto: that would have been my second-best suggestion
20:49 <@scarabeus> ok jmbsvicetto do you have some items that we need to squash for 4.2 stabling
20:49 <@scarabeus> currently we get hit by only minor stuff
20:49 <@scarabeus> so i am asking if you have something actualy major
20:49 -!- non7top [n=non7top@] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:49 <@jmbsvicetto> we need to double check webkit, qt-phonon and java deps
20:49 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: i already did webkit optional
20:49 <@jmbsvicetto> some arches don't support any or some of these
20:50 <@alexxy> mips dont have java
20:50 <@scarabeus> for that we have virtuoso i guess
20:50 <@alexxy> at least untill icedtea6 will hit tree
20:50 <@tampakrap> isn't the java issue fixed for soprano and such?
20:50 <@scarabeus> btw that package needs to be splitted
20:50 <@yngwin> which reminds me, can we make all deps in kde4-base.eclass optional?
20:50 <@scarabeus> cause it is 150mb big as one
20:50 <@scarabeus> yngwin: talk with me later about it
20:50 <@yngwin> ok
20:50 <@scarabeus> i am open for suggestions
20:51 -!- S-man [n=quassel@cc84863-b.zwoll1.ov.home.nl] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:51 <@tampakrap> i'll repeat, isn't the java issue fixed?
20:51 <@alexxy> tampakrap: seems yes
20:51 <@alexxy> at least i have sane deps tree on mips
20:52 <@jmbsvicetto> tampakrap / alexxy: Have you talked to ali_bush about that?
20:52 <+wired> i talked with ali_bush
20:52 <@jmbsvicetto> He was reporting an issue with gen1 jvms
20:52 <+wired> he said he'll look into it tomorrow
20:52 -!- S-man [n=quassel@cc84863-b.zwoll1.ov.home.nl] has joined #gentoo-kde
20:53 <@scarabeus> great :]
20:53 < bumbl> virtuoso does need ~15mb (the parts kde actually uses)
20:53 <@scarabeus> yes but the rest is 10x bigger that is why i said that we should split it
20:53 <+reavertm> (apparently)
20:54 <@yngwin> (qt-)phonon is not supported/keyworded on alpha, ia64, mips, sparc and x86-fbsd
20:54 < bumbl> yep
20:54 <+reavertm> stil the idea of splitting proposed by trueg is rather silly? (virtuoso-data, virtuoso-backends? it's database server :P)
20:54 <@alexxy> yngwin: i'll keyword phonon on mips
20:54 <@yngwin> ok
20:54 <@hwoarang> alexxy: please keyword qt-demo as well
20:54 <@jmbsvicetto> webkit seems to have problems at least in big endian arches
20:55 <@alexxy> hwoarang: later
20:55 <@hwoarang> yes
20:55 <@alexxy> only after kde =)
20:55 <+reavertm> btw, there is probably no more separate phonon release
20:55 <@alexxy> jmbsvicetto: my mips is bigendian
20:55 < bumbl> USE-flags if possible
20:56 <@jmbsvicetto> alexxy: at least for sparc and I think ppc64 webkit has alignment issues
20:57 * alexxy thinks that we should have abi and endianes keywords for packages
20:57 <@yngwin> only sparc
20:57 <@yngwin> ppc64 does have qt-webkit keyworded
20:57 <@yngwin> alpha and ia64 dont
20:58 <+wired> on the soprano[sesame2] java issue, it seems sesame doesn't like sun-jre-bin
20:59 <@scarabeus> ok lads
20:59 <@tampakrap> isn't this fixed?
20:59 <@scarabeus> i will take care of easying the deps in eclass and you take care about keywording and deps :]
21:00 <+reavertm> wired to build? of it doesn't like switching between sun-jdk and sun-jre-bin after it was succesfully built
21:01 -!- Zucca [i=zucca@a88-112-55-25.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:01 <+wired> reavertm: when i was testing it it would skip sesame2 support if sun-jre-bin was set as system-vm
21:01 <@scarabeus> build fail
21:01 <@scarabeus> it need somebody from java to look and investigate
21:01 <+wired> there's also another issue with sesame
21:01 -!- bschindler [n=quassel@zux221-218-241.adsl.green.ch] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:02 <+wired> if you run emerge with sudo
21:02 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: I've heard of cmake not finding java
21:02 <+wired> it skips sesame support
21:02 <+wired> i talked to ali_bush about it and he said he'll look into it
21:02 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: it find it
21:02 <@scarabeus> but marks as not sufficient
21:02 <@scarabeus> i did bit investigation
21:02 <+reavertm> you can't build it with sun-jre and no wonder - it needs jdk - that's first
21:03 <+reavertm> second is - cmake FindJNI doesn't support many jdk's (IBM to mention one)
21:03 <+wired> sounds reasonable, but no checks are done for it
21:03 <+reavertm> (I have even some patch for that module somewhere)
21:03 <@scarabeus> then give it upstream
21:05 <@scarabeus> ok now we are getting to the fancy stuff
21:05 -!- kostekjo [n=opera@chello084010120054.chello.pl] has left #gentoo-kde []
21:05 <@scarabeus> reavertm: how is looking the cmake stuff you are working on
21:05 <@scarabeus> now the eclass in the testing is working right, can we make it more gentooish
21:05 <@scarabeus> or it is not worth efforts?
21:05 <@hwoarang> gentooish?
21:05 <@hwoarang>
21:06 <@tampakrap> scarabeus: could you please expand? i have no idea what you are talking about
21:06 <+reavertm> it's done, testing (rebuilding with kde now)
21:06 <@scarabeus> tampakrap: obeying our variables and so on
21:06 <@scarabeus> i tested too
21:06 <@scarabeus> this afternoon
21:06 <@scarabeus> works fine
21:06 <+reavertm> it's about preserving gentoo C(XX)?_FLAGS and such
21:06 -!- Zuccace_ [i=zucca@a88-112-55-25.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:06 <@hwoarang> goodie
21:07 <@scarabeus> reavertm: ok so lets say we have this as final agreed?
21:07 <@scarabeus> no more major updates :]
21:07 <+reavertm> scarabeus you tested it with obsolete cmake-utils and I already fund some user of forum (or here) complainging at /usr/local and claimig that he sysnced overlay recently
21:07 <@scarabeus> he is lying
21:07 < d00p> g
21:07 <@scarabeus> it is working
21:07 < d00p> ups
21:07 <@scarabeus> tested on tons of cmake-utils ebuilds
21:07 <+wired> i have some stuff in /usr/local too
21:08 <@scarabeus> wired: then try the stuff recompile
21:08 <+wired> kk
21:08 <+wired> its just soprano, i'll do it now
21:08 <+reavertm> no, it's cmake issue, not soprano issue
21:08 <+wired> i mean
21:08 <+wired> its soprano files
21:08 <+wired> in there
21:08 <+wired>
21:08 <@scarabeus> yes it is cmake-eclass isue
21:08 <@scarabeus> so sync and try plz
21:09 <+wired> on it
21:09 <@scarabeus> so we can have it from the first hand
21:09 -!- yngwin [n=yngwin@gentoo/developer/yngwin] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:09 <@scarabeus> meanwhile we removed htmlhandbook useflag so we have to create new generation for the docs :]
21:09 -!- yngwin_ [n=yngwin@gentoo/developer/yngwin] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:09 -!- mode/#gentoo-kde [+o yngwin_] by ChanServ
21:10 <@scarabeus> it is not biggie but it would be nice to have some reasonable doc system instead of broken htmlhandbook for 4.2.2
21:10 <@tampakrap> any ideas on this?
21:10 <+reavertm> doc USE flag?
21:10 <@scarabeus> reavertm: hehehe
21:10 <@yngwin_> sry, lost network
21:10 <@tampakrap> i like this
21:10 <@scarabeus> it was wrong
21:10 <+reavertm> and what then - extracyting /doc when set?
21:11 <@scarabeus> yup but wont be smart to have kde-docs package
21:11 <@scarabeus> easier and convinient
21:12 * NoirSoldats seconds the idea of a kde-docs package.
21:12 -!- yngwin_ is now known as yngwin
21:12 <@jmbsvicetto> why kde-docs?
21:12 <+reavertm> so... gather docs from all kde-base modules?
21:12 <@scarabeus> yup
21:13 <@jmbsvicetto> If I only install 3 or 4 apps, why should I have the docs for all of KDE?
21:13 -!- looonger [n=looonger@host-89-231-128-7.rawamaz.mm.pl] has quit [Client Quit]
21:13 -!- ayevee [n=quassel@] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:13 * reavertm agrees with jmbsvicetto :P
21:13 <@scarabeus> ok so useflag you say
21:13 <@scarabeus> ok
21:13 <@scarabeus>
21:13 <@scarabeus> my nice idea squashed to the dust
21:13 < NoirSoldats> jmbsvicetto: How big would the docs really be though? In total?
21:13 <@scarabeus> quite much
21:13 <+reavertm> I mean, it's easier to maintain it at package level
21:13 < NoirSoldats> <100MB?
21:14 < ayevee> am I the only one for whom automo-9999 fails to build?
21:15 <+wired> scarabeus: synced, emerge -av1 soprano but the files still installed in /usr/local
21:15 < NoirSoldats> scarabeus: Hmm, I have a suggestion for how to handle the docs, that should solve both ends of the spectrum.. if I may.
21:15 <@hwoarang> ayevee: not now. we are in the middle of a meeting
21:15 < ayevee> hwoarang: sorry
21:15 -!- ayevee [n=quassel@] has quit [Client Quit]
21:15 <@hwoarang> np
21:15 < bumbl> scarabeus: why was htmlhandbook wrong?
21:16 <+reavertm> htmlhandbook is installing *unpacked* docs
21:16 < bumbl> ah ok
21:16 <+reavertm> sth like difference between .chm and unpacked help contents
21:17 < bumbl> (i have no problem with that but i see the point)
21:18 <@jmbsvicetto> are we still in point 3 ? :
21:18 <@scarabeus>
21:18 <@scarabeus> we have 3 issues left
21:19 <@jmbsvicetto> I see we'e jumped ab it
21:19 <@scarabeus> i pick randomly
21:19 <@jmbsvicetto> a bit*
21:19 -!- Zucca [i=zucca@a88-112-55-25.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:19 <@jmbsvicetto> 4, 5 and 6 ?
21:19 <@scarabeus> ok reavertm we will probably work on this
21:19 <@scarabeus> those are due to now
21:19 <+wired> scarabeus: ^^ soprano still installs in /usr/local
21:19 <@scarabeus> now lets talk about the splitting then
21:19 <@scarabeus> wired: ok i will owrk on that
21:19 <+wired> ok
21:20 <@scarabeus> reavertm: do you know how is upstream going with its splitting for 4.3?
21:20 -!- mikkoc_ [n=mikko@] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:21 <@tampakrap> upstream is going to split modules or to support splited builds?
21:21 -!- scratch[x] [n=scratch@] has quit ["У?ож?"]
21:21 <@tampakrap> or something else?
21:21 <+reavertm> related to binary/lib versioning? well, they don't seem to be eager (see the need - talked with dfaure ) to change .so version to make it possible to install multiple installations aside
21:22 <+reavertm> I wonder who came up with the idea (maybe I don't have clear picture)
21:22 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: you are most relevant for this ideas
21:22 <@jmbsvicetto> ok
21:23 <@jmbsvicetto> Our talk at FOSDEM was that they would (could?) probably split all the bins, but there were some resistance to lbis
21:23 <@jmbsvicetto> libs*
21:24 < jkt|> is that about keeping 4.x and 4.(x+1) aside?
21:24 <@scarabeus> jkt|: yes and in same prefix
21:25 <+reavertm> anyway - providing more restictive .so versions would restict their ABI compatibility - they already increase soversion for newer libs
21:25 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: that's the next step
21:25 * Sput thinks it does not make much sense to split libs that are always needed anyway
21:26 <+reavertm> so we would need either dependencies on *every*library* level (and not tied to particular kde version) or just override their choice on our side
21:26 <@jmbsvicetto> The first step from them was splitting the tarballs. The second step is providing support to have multiple versions around
21:26 <@jmbsvicetto> Sput: I tend to agree
21:26 <@jmbsvicetto> reavertm: libtool!!!
21:26 -!- anselmolsm [n=anselmo@] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:27 <@scarabeus> hh
21:27 -!- Zuccace_ [i=zucca@a88-112-55-25.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:27 <+reavertm> I don't know libtool and I'm not eager to learn it (libtool is broken as well, besides :P)
21:28 <@jmbsvicetto> reavertm: I mean that this issue of lib versions and deps is what libtool does
21:28 <+reavertm> setting versions for kde libs is not a problem
21:29 <@jmbsvicetto> reavertm: I mean run-time deps
21:29 <@jmbsvicetto> reavertm: Having app A with a rdep on lib X-1.0.1 and not lib X-1.0.2
21:30 -!- Sho_ [n=EHS1@kde/hein] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:30 -!- anselmolsm [n=anselmo@] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:30 <@jmbsvicetto> So, who's interested in this subject?
21:31 <@scarabeus> i am not enought l33t for this one
21:31 -!- kostekjo [n=opera@chello084010120054.chello.pl] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:31 <+reavertm> neither am I
21:32 -!- kostekjo [n=opera@chello084010120054.chello.pl] has left #gentoo-kde []
21:32 <@jmbsvicetto> I don't believe you :P
21:33 -!- root [n=root@hor-jdh171.hor.ucl.ac.uk] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:33 <@jmbsvicetto> ok, I guess we should talk about this later. Let's see if we can get anything in the ml
21:33 -!- root is now known as lfranchi
21:33 <@jmbsvicetto> Are you guys still awake?
21:33 -!- lfranchi [n=root@hor-jdh171.hor.ucl.ac.uk] has quit [Client Quit]
21:34 <@scarabeus> yep
21:34 <@scarabeus> i am trying
21:34 <@scarabeus> ook
21:34 <@jmbsvicetto> hehe
21:34 <@tampakrap> yeah i just woke up at 19:00 utc
21:34 <@scarabeus> next thing
21:34 <@scarabeus> importand one
21:34 -!- rex_ [n=quassel@host135-243-dynamic.4-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:34 <@scarabeus> snapshots
21:34 <@scarabeus> what should we do
21:34 <@scarabeus> upstream dont give a f**k
21:34 <@tampakrap> stop providing them i guess
21:34 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: I'll try to mail Dirk directly
21:34 <+reavertm> I don't feel like it's worth repacking
21:35 <@tampakrap> Dirk is the packager?
21:35 <@jmbsvicetto> last time it took him a few months to get back, but I won't lose anything by sending the mail
21:35 <@jmbsvicetto> Philantrop: ping
21:35 <@scarabeus> it is getting high priority cause pple liek the feature
21:35 <@bonsaikitten> scarabeus: I can script fixed ones
21:35 <+reavertm> Dirk Mueller is "release-team" :P
21:35 -!- Civil [n=Civilian@95-24-48-161.broadband.corbina.ru] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:35 <@bonsaikitten> scarabeus: that way we'd use our own mirroring
21:35 <+reavertm> that's why we can't get any feedback :P
21:35 < Philantrop> jmbsvicetto: Hm?
21:35 -!- leo [n=leo@hor-jdh171.hor.ucl.ac.uk] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:35 <@jmbsvicetto> reavertm: he's on the packagers and release ml
21:35 -!- leo is now known as lfranchi
21:36 <@alexxy> we can repack this tarbolls
21:36 <@jmbsvicetto> Philantrop: Have you tried to get someone from KDE about the snapshots names?
21:36 <+reavertm> yes, but he's de facto only man reposnible for releases and tarballs
21:36 < lfranchi> yo Sput
21:36 <@jmbsvicetto> Philantrop: By you, I mean you, Ingmar or someone else from exherbo
21:36 < lfranchi> Sput: i get to complain at you now
21:36 < Philantrop> jmbsvicetto: Nope, we decided we don't care enough.
21:37 <@jmbsvicetto> hehe
21:37 <@jmbsvicetto> Philantrop: slacker :P
21:37 <@tampakrap> that's the spirit
21:37 <@scarabeus> hehe
21:37 <@scarabeus> that is the point we are getting now
21:37 <+reavertm> actually we have similar approach I guess
21:37 < Philantrop> jmbsvicetto: "[05. 03. 2009 21:29] <Ingmar> slacker! " <-- to me. :->
21:37 <@scarabeus> lol
21:37 <@jmbsvicetto> hehe
21:38 <@jmbsvicetto> I'll provide some feedback to the ml when / if I get something
21:38 -!- mikkoc [n=mikko@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:38 -!- pipipde [n=pip@e179244051.adsl.alicedsl.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:38 <@alexxy> we still need tarbolls for snapshots
21:38 <@tampakrap> what's the backup plan then?
21:38 <@scarabeus> ok lets state we sent hte mail
21:38 <@scarabeus> and bonsaikitten will repack for time being
21:38 <@jmbsvicetto> I'm going to send another mail today
21:38 <@scarabeus> ok you sent the mail
21:39 <@tampakrap> jmbsvicetto: maybe CC to many KDE people and mls
21:39 <@jmbsvicetto> tampakrap: I'm going to address the packagers, the release team and Dirk directly
21:39 < lfranchi> so i'm just getting started with kde-svn ebuilds on gentoo, and automoc failed to install (failed to even begin checking out from svn). can anyone in here help me?
21:39 -!- pipipde [n=pip@e179247082.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:39 <@alexxy> lfranchi: later1 we have meeting there
21:39 < lfranchi> oh, sorry
21:40 * lfranchi hides
21:40 <+reavertm> lfranchi: I guess it will be fixed soon, but will, many people use live kde (didn't have time to look up the issue)
21:40 <@scarabeus> bonsaikitten: so you can rly pack it with not big effort?
21:41 <@alexxy> scarabeus: we can repack them as tar.lzma
21:41 <@alexxy> =)
21:41 <@scarabeus> sweeet
21:41 <@alexxy> via scripts
21:41 * jmbsvicetto kills alexxy
21:41 <@jmbsvicetto> tar.bz2 :P
21:41 <@alexxy> jmbsvicetto: .lzma better =)
21:41 <+wired> well since they really want their svn in the filename, maybe we can convince them to use a 4.x.SVNREV.tar.bz2 scheme?
21:41 <@scarabeus> wired: well the svnrev is not deterministic
21:41 <+reavertm> jmbsvicetto: if you mailed Dirk, you would be mentining placing .svnrevision file or sth in tarball?
21:41 <@scarabeus> you have to go and check for that revnumber
21:42 <@scarabeus> normaly you just add +1
21:42 <+reavertm> as I guess it's at least the way we agreed with thiago
21:42 <+wired> i see
21:42 <@jmbsvicetto> reavertm: I can suggest that as an alternative
21:42 <+wired> well i don't see them changing their minds any time soon, alexxy's log was pretty clear
21:43 <+reavertm> jmbsvicetto: I mean, let him know we already discussed it with kde folks :P
21:43 <@jmbsvicetto> reavertm: I will also ask for different options if they don't want weekly snapshots to be used by packagers
21:43 <+reavertm> wired: well, you may read jmbsvicetto log as well (later that day)
21:44 <+reavertm> if they don't want us to use - I think we should not use :P we just need to follow trunk changes then :P
21:44 <+reavertm> It's sufficient to prepare next stable (4.3) release
21:44 -!- Linux [n=marcus@92-234-252-159.cable.ubr06.blac.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:45 < Linux> Hey everyone.
21:45 <+reavertm> besides - people should use portage version :P
21:45 <@jmbsvicetto> hehe
21:45 < Linux> Is KDE 4.2.1 available yet? I synced yesterday.
21:45 < NoirSoldats> Linux: Yes.
21:45 <@yngwin> yes, sync again
21:45 <+reavertm> so not making snapshots available we probably have greater 4.2 userbase to test and possibly stabilize later
21:45 < Linux> OK.
21:46 <@jmbsvicetto> reavertm: the snapshots are useful, imo
21:46 <+reavertm> as unstable snaphosts are not really *releases* but just svn dump - they are usually as broken as live
21:46 <@tampakrap> i agree with reavertm, live is enough, we already maintain too many kde releases
21:46 * alexxy starts repacking kde 4.2.65
21:46 <@scarabeus>
21:46 <@scarabeus> alexxy: talk with kitten
21:47 <@jmbsvicetto> ok, if no one is willing to work on them for now, let them rest
21:47 <@scarabeus> ook
21:47 <@scarabeus> agreed
21:47 <@jmbsvicetto> We have enough things to take are already
21:47 <@jmbsvicetto> scarabeus: bugs? bugz? BUGZ???
21:47 <@scarabeus> last thing
21:47 <@jmbsvicetto>
21:47 <@scarabeus> we have tons of them
21:47 <@yngwin> zzzzzzzzzz
21:47 <@scarabeus> many dupes
21:47 <@scarabeus> many needs fix
21:48 <@scarabeus> many are trivial
21:48 <@jmbsvicetto> yngwin:
21:48 <@scarabeus> and there is sh*tload of them
21:48 <@tampakrap> nice, i was eating
21:48 <+reavertm> don't read then
21:48 <@scarabeus> good now you will starve as me
21:48 <+wired> hahahahahah
21:48 * Sput looks into automoc now
21:49 <+Sput> except somebody fixed that already
21:49 <+reavertm> Sput it may be as well cmake-utils related
21:49 <@tampakrap> scarabeus: tell us the last issue and go to watch some pr0n
21:49 <@scarabeus>
21:49 <@scarabeus> the issue is we need to work on bugz
21:49 <+Sput> tampakrap: you didn't watch pr0n during the meeting like the rest of us?
21:49 <@scarabeus> we need smebody actualy devolting lots of time on them
21:50 <@tampakrap> we need a cleanup as a first step
21:50 <@jmbsvicetto> Should we set some goals about bugs?
21:50 <@scarabeus> yep that might be good
21:50 * reavertm still has some updates 4.2.1 and wonders whether anyone wants them, especially with 4.2.1 removed from overlay :P
21:50 <@tampakrap> take care of trackers, duplicates and resolved
21:50 <@tampakrap> and then fixed
21:50 <@jmbsvicetto> Do we want to reduce them to a certain number by X months? Do we want to set a goal of taking care of X bugs per week?
21:50 <@scarabeus> reavertm: pastebin it :]
21:50 <@tampakrap> i'm sure 100 of them are already fixed or duplicate
21:50 <@hwoarang> yes
21:50 <@hwoarang> or invalid
21:51 <@tampakrap> jmbsvicetto: you are the leader, you should set the number
21:51 -!- cypr1nus [n=cypr1nus@plus.ds14.agh.edu.pl] has joined #gentoo-kde
21:51 <+reavertm> scarabeus: when I'm done rebuilding kde with them (along with cmake-utils and those pasted kde4 eclass thing - so far so good)
21:51 <@scarabeus> actualy we can have policy like "you want to be in herd fix X bugz a month"
21:51 <@scarabeus>
21:51 <@scarabeus> or some other contribution to kde
21:52 <@tampakrap> i'm ok will all these, just give us the deadlines
21:52 <@alexxy> heh =)
21:52 <@jmbsvicetto> OK. Let's have a vote: get bugs under X or fix X bugs per week?
21:52 <@tampakrap> the second
21:52 <@bonsaikitten> yes!
21:53 <@scarabeus> the second is more reasonable :]
21:53 <+reavertm> define "fix"
21:53 <@jmbsvicetto> I think the later might be more productive and may help feeling work done
21:53 * bonsaikitten self-removes from the herd preemptively
21:53 <@hwoarang> +1
21:53 <@jmbsvicetto> bonsaikitten: hehe
21:53 <@tampakrap> hhahahahahha
21:53 <@scarabeus> bonsaikitten: we can give you expection for the kittening
21:53 <+reavertm> marking as RESOLVED/FIXED only to decrease bug count is wrong approach - I'd agree with flameeyes here :P
21:53 <@scarabeus> well it has to be fixed too
21:53 <@jmbsvicetto> I'm not going to create a rule "if you don't fix X bugs per week, you're out", but I think we should all try to solve at least X bugs per week
21:53 <@bonsaikitten> haha
21:54 <@yngwin> well, for starters it would probably help to weed out the duplicates
21:54 <@jmbsvicetto> reavertm: sure
21:54 <@bonsaikitten> well, I'm fixing too many other things
21:54 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: btw did you sent the mail about removing of members to nonactive kde members?
21:54 <@jmbsvicetto> So, a reasonable number would be between 2 and 10?
21:54 <@tampakrap> 4-10
21:55 <@jmbsvicetto> 5 per week?
21:55 <@scarabeus> a week
21:55 <@scarabeus> 5
21:55 <@scarabeus> but actualy we are fixing even more :P
21:55 <@scarabeus> i have 5 for today
21:55 <@scarabeus> more than 5
21:55 < d00p> lol
21:55 <@scarabeus>
21:55 < dagger>
21:55 <@tampakrap> 10?
21:56 < d00p> 7?
21:56 <@scarabeus> tampakrap: that is hard to tell
21:56 <@jmbsvicetto> Ok, let's all try to fix at least 5 bugs per week
21:56 <@scarabeus> bug a day might be good idea
21:56 <@scarabeus> ook
21:56 <@jmbsvicetto> tampakrap: Let's not aim too high
21:56 <@scarabeus> at least 5 bugs per week
21:56 -!- Caster [i=Caster@gentoo/developer/caster] has quit ["Don't waste your time, or time will waste you."]
21:56 <@tampakrap> fine
21:56 <@jmbsvicetto> tampakrap: You're feel to fix 50 in a week if you can
21:56 <@tampakrap> oh i am?
21:56 <@jmbsvicetto> yes :P
21:57 <@tampakrap> ok now we are clear
21:57 <@jmbsvicetto> bah, You're free*
21:57 < bumbl> a bug a day keeps the doctor away
21:57 <@tampakrap> hahahhaaha
21:57 <@scarabeus> bumbl: nice moto
21:57 <@tampakrap> a bug per day keeps the ladys away
21:57 <@scarabeus> rofl
21:57 < d00p> lawl
21:57 < dagger> hehe
21:57 < bumbl> lol
21:57 <@jmbsvicetto> I suggest we had bumbl moto to our page
21:57 <@scarabeus> dagger: you wanna help with bugz?
21:57 < d00p> do you rly want that to happen?
21:57 < dagger> tampakrap: 10 bugs a day keep your life away
21:57 < dagger> scarabeus: sure
21:58 <@scarabeus> jmbsvicetto: agreed
21:58 <@jmbsvicetto> So, anything else?
21:58 <@scarabeus> we are done
21:58 <@scarabeus> dismissed

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