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"Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto" 01-27-2009 11:34 PM

KDE-4.2.0 in the tree
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since my last blog entry[1] about adding the package.mask entry for
KDE-4.2.0 to the tree, the Gentoo KDE team has put KDE-4.2.0 to the tree
- - pending some final fixes/updates.
After months locked in the dungeons of kde-testing[2] and kde-crazy[3]
overlays the Gentoo KDE team has emerged again to deliver 4.2.0 to
Gentoo users, just before a reasonable number of the members head out to
FOSDEM'09. This long awaited release[3] is heralded by the KDE team as
the first general public KDE-4 release.
Any user wanting to update to KDE-4.2 should first read the KDE4
Guide[4]. The Guide is still being updated, so if you find any hurdle,
join #gentoo-kde on the freenode or oftc irc networks. All users using
sets, should ensure they have the unversioned sets in
/var/lib/portage/world_sets (@kdebase or @kde and not @kdebase-4.1 or
@kde-4.2). All users using metas, should ensure they have the
unversioned metas in /var/lib/portage/world (kdebase-meta and kde-meta
and not kdebase-meta-4.1 or kde-meta:4.2).
Before you sync the tree, try it out and get upset, the ebuilds are
still masked until we finish uploading the ebuilds and fix manifests /
add last minute patches. So please make sure the ebuilds are out of p.
mask before you start complaining and please don't abuse the rsync
mirrors. You can check online[5] or hang out in #gentoo-kde with other
KDE users and the Gentoo KDE team and be warned the minute the ebuilds
are removed from p. mask.
For the Gentoo KDE team, welcome to the KDE-4.2.0 generation.

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