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"Marcus D. Hanwell" 01-04-2009 04:14 PM

KDE live ebuilds and the kdeprefix USE flag default

I wanted to raise this, and it should possibly be an issue we discuss at
the next meeting. Should all live ebuilds default to +kdeprefix?

Personally I think they should. Anyone wanting an all -kdeprefix system
can set -kdeprefix in their make.conf, and those of us keeping a stable
in -kdeprefix, and a live in +kdeprefix can continue to do this.

When I originally committed the eclass changes to the default for live
ebuilds this was the case. It was since changed without any discussion.
I think the previous behaviour represents the most flexible approach for
our user and development community.

Is there a flaw in this logic? As far as I can see anyone wanting the
current behaviour can add a line to their make.conf, the old behaviour
is impossible to reproduce now without maintaining a patched



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