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"Marcus D. Hanwell" 12-21-2008 11:45 PM

Live KDE ebuilds and the kdeprefix USE flag

I am CCing the KDE alias this time, but in future think that these discussions
should take place on a public mailing list that is archived. I also hope that
this will document decisions that are made and give an easily accessible
archive. Hopefully this will avoid duplication of work, debating and
redebating the same things and allow both users and developers to take an
active role in the decision making process.

That said, some things are hard to resolve. This seems to be one of those
things. Originally when we discussed my idea for being able to install KDE
into /usr we discussed a developers need to install both the released version
and a live KDE build. We decided that the :live slot would be a special case
that would always be installed into a KDE prefix (/usr/kde/live).

This makes it easy for developers to install a stable released KDE to /usr and
keep a live KDE in a KDE prefix for development purposes. Today I noticed this
has not been implemented and thought I would take care of it. It seems to work
quite nicely locally, the changes to kde4-base.eclass remove the kdeprefix USE
flag from live ebuilds, always use /usr/kde/live as a prefix and make minimal
changes to kdelibs/kdepimlibs to stop using the kdeprefix USE flag.

It seems that some people are now objecting to this change and so I have not
committed it. If necessary I can maintain another overlay with these minor
changes, syncing with the kde-crazy live ebuilds as and when required. Ideally
this would not be necessary, but from what I can tell on IRC it seems there is
at least a 50:50 split.

Locally, my changes work great. I can log into a live session, do some
testing, and even if I call a KDE 4.2 beta app it writes stuff to .kde4
whereas live is using .kdelive...

If anyone can think of a better resolution let me know. Otherwise it looks
like I really need this for myself, and at least a few other users would like
it too. As such I can add another overlay with these changes present. Proposed
name - kde-cryos as it seems that these are minor changes I feel are



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