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Tim Messier 07-10-2012 07:19 PM

Error building stage1
Hi again,
So I am now getting an error when I try to build a stage1.

When the stage1 build gets to:
emerge --quiet --usepkg --buildpkg --newuse --oneshot sys-apps/grep virtual/shadow sys-devel/binutils app-shells/bash sys-apps/net-tools sys-devel/patch sys-devel/flex sys-apps/gawk app-arch/tar sys-apps/sed sys-fs/udev sys-devel/bison sys-apps/texinfo sys-apps/file app-arch/bzip2 virtual/package-manager net-misc/rsync sys-devel/automake virtual/editor sys-apps/coreutils sys-devel/make sys-apps/findutils virtual/os-headers sys-apps/makedev app-arch/gzip net-misc/wget sys-devel/libtool sys-apps/diffutils sys-devel/gettext sys-apps/less sys-apps/baselayout virtual/libc sys-devel/autoconf sys-devel/gnuconfig sys-devel/gcc

I get the following:
The following USE changes are necessary to proceed:
#required by dev-perl/XML-Parser-2.410.0, required by dev-util/intltool-0.50.2, required by x11-misc/shared-mime-info-1.0, required by dev-libs/glib-2.30.3, required by dev-util/pkgconfig-0.26, required by virtual/pkgconfig-0, required by dev-util/gtk-doc-am-1.18

=dev-lang/perl-5.12.4-r1 -build

My specfile for the stage1 is rather simple:
subarch: amd64
version_stamp: 20120710
target: stage1
rel_type: default
profile: default/linux/amd64/10.0
snapshot: 20120710

source_subpath: downloaded/stage3-amd64-20120621

And here is my catalystrc:
export MAKEOPTS="-j24"
export USE_PYTTHON="2.7 3.2"

Any one else having issues building a stage1? Is this a XML-Parser issue?

-- Timothy Messier

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