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Al 08-23-2010 04:07 PM

Understanding bootstrapping
Hello guys,

Prefix is really magic stuff. Having exercised Prefix bootstrapping
for some days now in different environments, there are still some

a) For example, why do we setup "sed" 3 times?

First with "", then with "emerge --oneshot",
finally with emerge -e system.
Wouldn't 2 times be enough?
Having "sed" already installed in Linux, wouldn't 1 time be enough,
that in the final step?

b) How to handle the shebang complaints?

Trying bootstrapping on the Cygwin layer I again get this QA
complaints. Something like #!/bin/sh target missing.

QA is certainly fine, but should it break the bootstrap process?

What does this error mean? Did I make a mistake? Is EPREFIX missing in
the sources? What to to? Filing a bug?

Have I good start into the new week.


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