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Robert Moskowitz 10-14-2012 03:49 PM

No kyb/mouse hang - F16 on Lenovo x120e - cannot resume out of suspend mode
Well kind of...

Keyboard stopped responding. As did mouse clicks, though I could move
the mouse around. If I move it to the upper left, I get the chooser
screen where I can select any task from any workspace. In fact the
keyboard works here and I can type into the search box! But once back on
the workspace no keyboard or mouse clicks.

And the poweroff button is working; I guess I just did not wait long
enough while holding it down before.

So I repowered up, and if the external kybd/video are plugged in the
boot hangs, have to start it up without them in now (this use to work)
then plug them in and use <func-f7> to get the external monitor.

And then the kbrd/mouse stopped again in just 3 minutes and I had to
power off and reboot again. I noted the times and checked
/var/log/messages, and nothing noteworthy after the reboot. and after
recognizing the external kybd/mouse.

Things are kind of working right now. Any pointers?

On 10/13/2012 09:22 PM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
This started last friday. Basically if I suspend the system comes up
but no video and no keyboard response. Power switch off does not seem
to work, I have to pull AC and battery and I hear the drive stop.

This started when I had some runaway tasks that were eating up all my
CPU (only single core model) so I was switching to terminal 2
<ctl-alt-sft-F2>, running top, figuring out what might be going crazy,
switching back to terminal 1 and stopping programs. After about 5 of
these switchs, no switching back to terminal 1 and reboot and poweroff
did not do anything (actually no keyboard response). I ended up
pulling the battery. Since then suspend has stopped working right;
don't know if they are related.

This evening, I powered up, applied all updates, powered down, powered
up, powered down, powered up, THEN tried suspend and no dice still.

I WAS traveling and thursday, the notebook was in my backback on a 9
hour drive, but not particularly bounced around. It came out of
suspend just fine friday morning. Or so it seemed.

Advice for trouble shooting? I really don't want to reinstall Fedora,
I was hoping to wait until F18 for the next OS install.

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