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Ranjan Maitra 10-10-2012 01:10 AM

Fedora 17 install dualboot with Windows 7 Home Premium goes nowhere

After years of providing services to students for free in installing
Fedora, I hit a wall this afternoon and don't quite know how to get out
of it.

The offending laptop is a HP Pavilion DV6 with Windows 7 Home Premium
on it. We paritioned the HDD using Windows 7 creating a separate
partition and went off to install Fedora on the new partition from a
Live CD. Installation went off as a breeze, however, after reboot all
hell broke loose.

Grub did not show up, what is worse is that a broken Windows Error
Recovery did with the Launch Startup Repair, etc. However, it asks for
the original installation disc for Windows 7 which the retailer never

I tried using PW o fix the MBR as mentioned here:

but no luck: it goes back to this screen.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this? I feel
embarrassed and responsible for this student's fancy laptop now. He
needs to have W7 to use the BluRay so we were thinking of a dual boot
originally, but at this point, I am trying to salvage whatever.


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