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Zoltan Hoppar 10-02-2012 03:00 PM

Problems that sound to me really chinese

I have noticed lately as the new kernels are arriving, that randomly
freezing out my touchpad, and makes my laptop partially unusable. I
have checked the messages file in var/log and I have found some
interesting repeating problem in log. Please help me in feedback witch
one can cause inside my machine problems... I have few suspects, so
let me list it here. The question is the same these are known bugs, or
not bugs, just I can't read and fix them?

1. suspect - How can I handle this, and set apic to 500? My CPU is AMD
MII-320, dual core.
[Firmware Bug]: cpu 1, try to use APIC500 (LVT offset 0) for vector
0x400, but the register is already in use for vector 0xf9 on another
kernel: [11175.283803] perf: IBS APIC setup failed on cpu #1

2. suspect - Upowerd
upowerd[884]: (upowerd:884): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_ascii_strcasecmp:
assertion `s1 != NULL' failed

3. suspect - systemd
TIFIER=systemd[1]: Reloading.
TIFIER=systemd[1]: Cannot create mount unit for API file system
/sys/kernel/security. Refusing.

4. suspect - udevd - this is message is fills the log file mostly.
udevd[3337]: specified group 'plugdev' unknown




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