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sguazt 09-30-2012 12:13 PM

Setting fonts for Xterm from Xresources

I'm running Fedota 17 x86_64.

I have problems to set the font type to be used in XTerm from Xresources:
I edited my ~/.Xresources in order to set the font face (resource
"faceName") and size (resource "faceSize").
Here below is the output of "xrdb -query -all":
--- [out] ---
XTerm*background: #ffffff
XTerm*color0: #000000
XTerm*color1: #a31515
XTerm*color10: #fd9b43
XTerm*color11: #00af00
XTerm*color12: #335d85
XTerm*color14: #389fa0
XTerm*color15: #4daca3
XTerm*color2: #1c9075
XTerm*color3: #0000ff
XTerm*color4: #008000
XTerm*color5: #963c59
XTerm*color6: #2b91af
XTerm*color7: #00ff00
XTerm*color8: #ff0000
XTerm*color9: #d25f50
XTerm*faceName: "Inconsolata"
XTerm*faceSize: 12
XTerm*foreground: #000000
XTerm*geometry: 80x24
XTerm*loginShell: true
XTerm*renderFont: true
XTerm*saveLines: 2000
XTerm*scrollBar: false
XTerm*visualBell: true
XTerm.color13: #d53d7a
Xft.antialias: 1
Xft.dpi: 96
Xft.hinting: 1
Xft.hintstyle: hintmedium
Xft.rgba: none
--- [/out] ---

As you can see, I specified the "Inconsolata" font for the resource
"faceName". However, XTerm seems to ignore it (yes, the font has been
installed from Fedora repo). I have also tried with other fonts, but I
obtain the same result.

If instead I specify the font from the command line (option "-fa"), it works.

Where am I wrong?

Thank you so much for your help.


-- Marco
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