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Chris Murphy 09-06-2012 06:21 PM

new ui equivalent for (de)selecting packages, new ui column confusion
With the previous UI, I was able to deselect specific packages I don't use. Big ones, like Libreoffice. I'm not seeing a way to do this with the new ui. Is it possible? Will it be possible (either in F18 or F19)?

Further, in F18-TC6 I'm still finding the "Software Selection" UI confusing due to the disconnect between the left and right side columns providing apparently bogus feedback to the user. For example:

When I choose "Gnome Desktop" on the left, the right side "Choose your add-ons" nothing is selected. If I take the add-ons column descriptions seriously, the unchecked add-on "Applications for the GNOME Desktop: A set of commonly used applications for the GNOME Desktop" not being checked tells me I'm not going to get commonly used applications unless I check that add-on manually.

That's merely confusing, but then there are the impossible to believe ones. Add-ons: GNOME Desktop Environment, Graphical Internet, and Printing Support are not checked. The implication is none of these things will be installed, which can't be true.

So will there eventually be a visual tie-in between chosen environment and the add-ons that environment will include? i.e. some of those add-ons will be automatically checked in the UI?

There also appears to be no way to get a listing of what applications or packages those add-ons include. Will this eventually be possible?

Chris Murphy

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