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"Jim Duda" 04-01-2008 12:49 PM

Xine upgrade (lib = 1.2, ui = 0.99.5)
I recently upgraded my distro from fedora 7 to fedora 8.

With fc8 comes xine-lib 1.2 and xine ui 0.99.5.

I found that I couldn't play mpegs until I changed my xine -V from xxmc
to xvmc. Now I can play mpegs fine. I'm okay with that. I'm using
the NVIDIA drivers, installed locally, version 100.11.

I'm still not able to play DVDs though, and I'm stumped as to why not.

I have run xine from the cmdline, and I can see that it finds the DVD
title, VOBs, etc. It just doesn't startup and play.

If I use -V xv for DVD's xine works fine.

This isn't an issue with libcss, as I can see the titles are decrypted properly.
Xine is at the point where it's starting to play, but it just stalls.

Has anyone encountered this issue?



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