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Robert Moskowitz 01-06-2012 07:30 PM

f16 - locked out again
On 01/06/2012 12:55 PM, Stephen Gallagher wrote:

On Fri, 2012-01-06 at 11:44 -0500, Robert Moskowitz wrote:

This happens once in a while, but this is the 2nd time this week, though
the symtoms were different.

The latest occurance, I locked the screen<ctl-alt-l> and came back
later to use the system. I hit an arrow key which normally brings up
the password dialog box and even before the box showed up I started
typing in my password. This normailly works fine and opens up to the
workspace I was last on.

This time nothing happened. There was a flash across the screen like
the dialog box coming up, but the screen stayed black other than the
portion of the top panel that normally shows when the screen is locked.
I was able to<ctl-alt-F2> to another console and back. I tried
<alt-F1> then 'r' and saw the spindizzy but nothing after that. In the
end, I rebooted by logging into the F2 console. Perhaps I should have
done a tail on messages first?

Various things have happened over the past month on f16 with gnome 3.
Not coming out of suspend and having to ppull all power for a hard boot
recovery (AC and battery). Gnome locking on me with no keyboard or
mouse clicks, though the mouse will mouse around.

So it is still unstable for me.

Advise on trouble shooting?

Are you using local accounts or are you using LDAP? If you're using SSSD
for user accounts, it's not impossible that it could have crashed, which
occasionally results in behavior like what you're describing.

No. Local auth.

Oh, and to the point of pulling the battery to get to a hard boot
state..... My brother-in-law was talking about his recent purchase of
a notebook with a sealed battery; ie he cannot remove it. His question
was on which kind of warranty to get. But now my question is: does
anyone have a notebook with a sealed battery and if so, how do they
recover when nothing works? When you cannot switch to another console
and the power button does nothing? How do you force a boot if you can't
pull all power?

Pretty much every laptop made in the last ten years will shut down hard
if you just hold the power button long enough (5-10s).

Not if you set FC for suspend on power button. For some reason my old HP nc2400 would NEVER shut off from the power button. I could hold it probably forever. I guess I have been caught between fear that I MIGHT get the poweroff button pressed by accident and REALLY needing to power off...

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