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"Mark J. Hughes" 03-28-2008 08:15 PM

Adaptec 2015S installation woes - Fedora 8
We're trying to upgrade a server that had been faithfully running Fedora Core 5 with an Adaptec 2015-S card - 3 15k scsi drives in a raid-5 config - to Fedora 8. I recall during my initial install in FC5, I had to boot up with "linux install noprobe"*and then manually load in i2o_block in order to see the drives. After install, all was well.
This go around, F8 doesn't see the i2o device by default, which is ok. But running "linux install noprobe" and then manually loading in i2o_block causes a kernel panic (or similar looking output). The install process dies right then and there, no recovery possible, and its game over.
I can't find any F7/F8 bugs related to this, but I found:
Which points to
Which seems to think the issue is fixed, but nonetheless, we're hosed here.
Anyone have any ideas?
**-- *mark--
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