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"Linda McLeod" 12-26-2011 01:12 AM

Boot Disk...
Boot disk?

"Jeffrey Ross" <> [Add]
"For users of Fedora" <> [Add]
Sun, 25 Dec 2011 1:37 PM (4 hours 28 minutes ago)
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Is there a way to identify which disk the BIOS is using to boot from (eg
disk 0 or 1) when I don't have physical access to the system to view the
BIOS settings?

The situation is this, I have a machine at a remote location where the
system runs RAID-1 and both disks (0 and 1) can boot the system, I need
to rewrite the boot sectors on the disks and I don't have easy access to
the machine so I have to be careful as to which order I do them.

Thanks, Jeff


I got a bad feeling about that post.. Something "Stinks" real bad...
Me wonders if what you really mean, is that you are a black hatter who
needs to learn how to crack the Linux OS's of your victim's computers,
to cause good people pain and grief...
Are you a policeman there Jeff, who hurts innocent people for your
bosses, by bullying them over the Internet..? Just asking...

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