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Mike Chambers 12-24-2011 09:10 PM

Fwd: UEFI and GPT
On Sat, 2011-12-24 at 20:43 -0600, wrote:
> -
> New computer today and trying to install F16 on it. Seems it has UEFI,
> and when trying to install, during partitioning, get error about not gpt
> disklabel and think saw one bout stage1 . I see /boot and /boot/efi mount
> points to choose from, does one of them need to be selected? Thought
> heard bout bios boot but don't see that option anywhere. Downloading
> parted magic to guess try and do a gpt disk label or something as well?
> Kinda lost on this EFI stuff.

After some research, figured out how to get my harddrive partition
layout to GPT and then making sure to have a /boot/efi during
partitiong/install let me continue and install F16.

I do see that grub1 is used instead of 2?

Anyway, cept for an error I saw while ago after first reboot, something
to do with dracut so will have to watch for that.

Mike Chambers

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