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Sam Varshavchik 10-03-2011 02:52 AM

Gnome is not prompting for wireless passwords
When you select a previously unknown wireless access point, where does the
dialog that prompts for the access point password come from?

I was screwing around with stuff in /etc/sysconfig. I nuked the ifcfg-* and
keys-* file for my wireless AP. Previously, when I did that, all I had to do
was attempt to connect to my wireless AP, I get prompted for my AP's
password, and I'm back in business.

Not sure exactly what I did, but I'm no longer being prompted for the WPA
keys. By peeking at another laptop, I was able to recreate my ifcfg-*, and
put my key into the keys-* file, and Gnome is now able to automatically
connect to my wireless, but if I go and select some other AP within range,
Gnome is still not prompting for the WPA key, and I want to fix that.

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