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Nat Gross 07-11-2011 09:06 PM

New Fedora DVD 64 Install replaced my previous GRUB2 info! (Dual Boot)
I know that things just look bleak right now, someone please help me
see all my operating systems upon boot.

Ok, the details:
Windows 7 Ultra system with ONE 1-TB hard drive. Purchased that way.
When the last Ubuntu (11.4 I think) was released I installed it on the
system in order to practice KDE 4.6 when not using Windows, while
waiting for Fedora 15. So, until my Fedora 15 install on this machine,
Windows 7 was my primary system, KUbuntu secondary but with enough
tweaking that I don't want to wipe it until completely comfortable
with Fedora 15.
So, today I installed Fedora 15 from DVD. I made sure that it did not
use any of the used partitions and setup a new set of partitions for
Fedora 15.
Fedora installed ok and boots up, but to my horror F15 did not append
itself to the Grub2 list (installed by Ubuntu). So neither Windows 7
nor Ubuntu is available on the bootloader list.

This should be minor for those well versed with Grub2, but I am at a
loss and a bit frightened.

Thank you much,
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