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Jonathan Ryshpan 07-10-2011 05:35 AM

Can't control text size in Gnome-3
I have just upgraded from Fedora-13 to Fedora-15, and now font size for
many of the functions in Gnome-3 can't be controlled, in particular the
size of the pull-down menus and some of the window text in Evolution.
The "Text Size"
(Little Man)->Universal Access Settings->Seeing->Text size
box is completely non-functional, as is the Text scaling factor slider
The font control functions for the various fonts in the same box seem to
control come fonts, in particular the fonts in gnome-terminal, but not
others, in particular not Evolution.

What's particularly puzzling is that the Text size choices in Universal
Access Settings did work for a while, but then stopped -- while they
were working they were linked to the slider on gnome-tweak-settings.

The fonts that are now used, probably the defaults, are painfully small.

Any Ideas?

Thanks - jon

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