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Genes MailLists 06-21-2011 02:20 AM

Serious problem: boot + systemd + luks + selinux + autorelabel = poop
Sure could use some experts to help me fix this. touching /.autorelabel
on F15 leads to a horrible situation.

Doing this seems to fail because /run is read-only - and so autorelabel
never completes - leaving the .autorelabel flag and leaving perpetual
poop on each reboot.

Booting the machine in this state is possible but very very difficult.

systemd and luks seems to have a problem when things dont go as expected
- in particular removing rhgb confuses systemd into a terrible state -
it prints text prompts for luks password but never waits for an answer -
it also attempts to ask plymouth to do graphical prompt for luks which
you dont see without some carefully timed series of ESC key presses to
flip it on and off ... and only in single user mode - perhaps systemd
does more in multi user mode and gets more confused.


F15 installed on sandy bridge laptop with i915 intel graphics. The
laptop has luks encyrpted swap and /home but not /.

I did a "touch /.autorelabel" and rebooted - poo rained upon me in large
amounts ... very large :-(

At some point the relabel ended and it booted but screen was hung at the
white balloon. I wasn't watching the relabelling process so ... Hard
reset - and reboot again.

The machine now hangs during every boot - it hangs with the blue screen
+ balloon - and it no longer gives me the plymouth graphical luks
password prompt.

Hard reset - reboot removing rhgb and quiet -

I see error:

Unable to fix label of /run: read-only file system.

in red text and it is clearly is trying to finish the relabeling and
failing on /run.

I see multiple text password prompts for luks password - but it
doesn't stop - it keeps going - says something about 'forwarding to

typing in the luks password into the text console has no effect.

I repeated above but in single user with selinux=0 - now same as
above - but if I type password and also toggle ESC enough times the
balloon will eventually show password prompt. Toggling ESC again leads
me back to text single user prompt.

I can now exit single user and it comes up in multi user mode with
graphical login.

There is some magic timing to get the series of ESC toggles to get a
luks password prompt otherwise the just machine hangs.

(a) I dont think graphical prompts should be used in text boot.

(b) systemd needs to wait for the password to be typed in.

(c) what can I do to get the relabel to finish - every boot it keeps
trying - the /.autorelable file is never removed.

I can no longer boot except doing the above contortions in single user
+ ESC key flipping to get luks password in.

Am very open to ideas how to fix this ... if i remove the
.autorelabel I assume things will go back to the way they were - but
clearly there are some issues here.

thanks for any guidance

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