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Ranjan Maitra 06-02-2011 09:23 PM


Looking at my files and diskspace, I note the following:

$ sudo du -sm /var/cache/*
1961 /var/cache/abrt-di
1 /var/cache/cups
1 /var/cache/fontconfig
1 /var/cache/foomatic
1 /var/cache/hald
1 /var/cache/jwhois
1 /var/cache/ldconfig
3 /var/cache/man
1 /var/cache/mash
1 /var/cache/PackageKit
217 /var/cache/yum

Googling on how to reduce this abrt-di beast, I came up with the
solution that you should delete the reports in the abrt GUI tool. But
these are all deleted for me, and I think there must be a better way to
remove this cache? Any suggestions on how to do this cleanly?

Many thanks and best wishes,
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