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Antonio Olivares 06-01-2011 12:35 AM

name of java rpm? jre native fedora java
Dear folks,

I am happily running Fedora 15 on several boxes. Our school will be switching from VistaNet to PowerSchool Online systems by Pearsons. We used to do attendance/grading on Vistanet and now we will use Powerschool online Gradebook which appears to need java to run. On one of my machines I have java already as I run the testers:

and it returns that java is present.

but there is no rpm reported back:

[olivares@acer-aspire-1 ~]$ rpm -qa java
[olivares@acer-aspire-1 ~]$

I would like to know which rpm is the one that gives the open source/free java implementation in Fedora. This way I can install it on other machines in case it is not present and be ready to migrate to the new gradebook. Also if there are any teachers out there that have used PowerSchool Online Gradebook on Fedora and have any caveats, tips, tricks to share them. I would like to continue using Fedora/Linux to do these tasks. I had run Easy Grade Pro using wine for the last several years successfully and now the system changes again and I want to be ready.


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