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Fernando Cassia 05-30-2011 09:52 PM

Gnome 3 Nautilus and OEFIIOW (Open Each Folder in Its Own Window...)
OK, updated to F15, no major complains so far, except for the
extremelly round window corner borders, and excessive Mac-ism of it
all (and super large app title bar, what's with that?).

Getting acquainted with Gnome 3... It's not very annoying... just will
take a while to get used to it, I think. I really like the apps search
feature on the desktop... but I was used to having everything in
subfolders and with clicking. Still, the command line junkie in me
kinda likes typing to launch apps instead of mouse-manouvering.

But the super-annoying prize goes to Nautilus.

Not only have they made the folder view default to "click replaces
current folder contents", but also when you disable it
(Edit->Preferences, Select "Behavior" tab) and click "Open each folder
in its own window" it behaves as I'd expect with the only exception
that single-clicking on any subfolder on the sidebar, instead of
changing the current window contents to the desired one, opens a new
folder !! this is insane).

So, is there a way to make DOUBLE CLICKS open a new window, but single
click on the sidebar just change the current folder view contents?.

That's how I expect a filesystem browser to function...

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