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jim 03-22-2011 06:29 PM

I have been using Fedora 14 since its release, 32 bit version. I am
building a 64 bit HTPC that doesn't have a DVD/CD drive, so I will be
using a Flash for boot and download. I see recommendations for using
DVD-iso and others saying use the Live-iso, so I downloaded both. In
trying to confirm the download, I used the CHECKSUM for verification.
The Live-iso passed and the DVD-iso failed. Is the procedure the same
for each? I am absolutely a novice-minus at using gpg. The sites I used
and resultant CHECKSUMS are:

In the CHECKSUM file, the listed checksum for
8f81741e938924f68965b5dceac7013d72fe875725b53f61be bd36e740f79b99

Checksum generated from DVD-iso from command#: 'sha256sum
8f81741e938924f68965b5dceac7013d72fe875725b53f61be bd36e740f79b99

In the CHECKSUM file, the listed checksum for 'Fedora-14-x86_64-DVD.iso'
f303d600fbccd1a4984e37f067472ffc6511dda25e1ece30c6 64051a52fe40c5

Checksum generated from DVD-iso from command#: 'sha256sum
87d0565961a56dcd7d360fa1302351dc9b6244f31bf15dade1 f163c8e980aa34
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