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"S. Robert Cube" 02-13-2010 03:27 AM

can I use preupgrade w/out a wired ethernet connection via internet sharing?
I'm trying to use preupgrade to upgrade my desktop FC10 installation. I only have a wireless network connection available in my apartment.

Should I be able to do this via network sharing? IOW, can I connect my desktop to a laptop with a crossover cable, and use the laptop's wireless connection? Or, if this should not work, can you tell me why?

I've tried it using my Macbook, but either it's fruitless or I'm not setting it correctly. Using DHCP in the preupgrade dialog would not work, so after a some trial, error, and searching I arrived at the following manual network settings.

Macbook, w/ internet Sharing of AirPort connection to computers using Ethernet enabled, manual configuration as follows:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DNS Server:
(There are also entries for Router and Search Domains, but I've left them blank.)

Desktop, preupgrade network dialog settings:
IPv4 Address / (Subnet Mask?): /
Name Server:
(eth0 is the only device available in the dialog drop down menu. There are two checkboxes, for DHCP, and enabling IPv4.)

Is this a dead end, or are there manual settings that should work? I'm not sure if it matters, but my wireless connection is an 802.1x/WPA connection using PEAP w/ MSCHAPv2. I've tried all of the above using both crossover cable and regular cable.

Thanks for any insight. I'm not a network guy, so please use specific x.x.x.x example numbers if possible.

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