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rgheck 02-12-2010 10:20 PM

Video Problems After F12 Upgrade
I've pre-upgraded from F11 to F12, and all went well except that I have
big video problems, and maybe some others.

The main issue is that there seems to be some incompatibility with the
video card now. I'm getting all these flashing lines shooting across the
screen, both in text mode and in X. I got it with the nvidia driver
right after upgrading, and now I'm getting it with the nouveau driver as
well. Any ideas? The video card isn't that old, but it's nothing
special. Some basic NVidia chip. I'd tell you which one except that
system-config-display keeps crashing with and index out of bounds error.

Anyway, I removed the nvidia drivers but now can't get them back. The
kmod-nvidia package simply doesn't appear in yumex, e.g, even though
it's supposed to be there, according to rpmfusion. But, as I said, I had
the video problems with that driver, too.

Any ideas welcome!


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