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Cameron Simpson 02-07-2010 08:01 PM

Option 322 quicksilver
On 07Feb2010 12:34, Jeffrey Landgrebe <> wrote:
| I am new to linux, but not new to computers and programming (retired,
| having worked in the latter part of my career programming and working
| with data in the Microsoft quicksand). I would like now to learn linux
| on my laptop (my only PC at the moment). I had rummaged around, and some
| folks advised me try Ubuntu. I did so, and I am currently dual-booting
| MS Win XP and Ubuntu 9.10.
| Unfortunately, I quickly learned Ubuntu 9.10 does not support
| my internet USB device from AT&T, the Option Icon 322 Quicksilver.
| There is a workaround, but that is not really how I would prefer to
| begin my learning.

I know it is unlikely, but does your laptop have enough RAM to run Ubuntu
as a virtual machine under VMware?

Meanwhile, this page:

offers a kernel driver that you can build and install with dkms.
But it also suggests that it is present in Ubuntu 8.10, so I'd have
imagined it might be in 9.10. Under linux, as root, try saying:

ifconfig -a
modprobe hso
ifconfig -a

If it works, you should see an extra ethernet interface appear
in the output of ifconfig. It won't be configured at all; that's a
separate operation.

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