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John Summerfield 12-09-2007 08:39 PM

Tilt & Swivel screen
I've just acquired two screens, one a Dell 1905FB and the other a Dell

I think the "P" means "pivot," the screens can be rotated to give a
portrait display instead of the usual landscape.

I've discovered this command which I recommend you all try:
xrandr -o left

If you don't like the effect, this undoes it:
xrandr -o normal

That's good, but of course I want more.
1. I want the screen that way all the time it's in X.
2. I want the screen that way at the Linux (framebuffer) console.
3, I want to switch simply by swivelling the screen, without having to
do anything else.

I suspect that 2 is a serious challenge:-)
Any clues?



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