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Matthew Miller 08-01-2008 03:47 PM

HP 2133 Mini-Note w/Fedora, anyone?
I'm looking to replace my aging Sony Vaio U101 ultramini notebook. I've been
watching the EEE and friends with interest, but I'm not going to take a step
back in screen resolution from what I bought five years ago. The HP 2133
looks like the first thing that fits the bill, at 1280x768. It's relatively
huge (almost half again as wide as the U101), but looks like if you go
smaller than that these days it's basically chicklet-keyboards and
'smartphone' designs.

I've seen some guides for getting this going on Ubuntu and on Gentoo, but
I'm wondering if there's any Fedora-specific information -- particularly
regarding the big laptop troublemakers: wireless, video, and audio.

Matthew Miller <>
Boston University Linux ------> <>

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