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Christoph Höger 07-31-2008 04:04 PM

Trouble running fedora 9 in xen under debian etch

I am havin severe trouble with running fedora 9 as a XEN Guest: I cannot
get a new kernel to work (is that even possible - host is running
debians kernel?).
So I took the debian kernel and initrd from the host and (oh wonder)
they worked like a charme with my fedora install.
Now I see something that must be a kernel bug, its also mentioned in
bugzilla (just search for sec=null):

When I try to mount a (working) nfs-share from the client he mounts it
with sec=null instead of sec=sys shich basically squashs all users to
anon users.
Mounting from the host does work like a charme.
I assume the debian people do use a special patched mount to hack around
the kernel bug, but what can I do?

1. Run a newer kernel as guest (as I stated I do not know how - or even
if- that works)
2. Run a newer Host/Guest Kernel combination (my admin will really _not_
like that idea)
3. ??? <- insert own ideas here

Has anyone successfully done such a thing and can tell me how?

ps: I should have mentioned that I am trying to integrate libvirt into a
cluster system and want to demonstrate the ability to run
not-that-stable oses as vm-guests, thats why I choose fedora as guest.

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