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William Case 06-19-2008 09:17 PM

Boinc problems ??

When I launch boincmgr I get the following error message:

"Authorization failed connecting to running client.
Make sure you start this program in the same directory as the

They are both in /usr/bin/ and boinc_client is running happily.

If however, in boincmgr I open on the menu Advanced => Select Computer
=> localhost and paste in the password
from /var/lib/boinc/gui_rpc_auth.cfg boincmgr will open connected to
boinc_client. How do I get boincmgr to open with boinc_client
automatically attached (or whatever the proper terminology is) without
going through the password exercise? It used to in Fedora 8.

I have tried as many variations as I can think of following man
boincmgr, man boinc_client and the advice at

This not a killer, but is annoying. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Regards Bill;
Fedora 9, Gnome 2.22.2
Evo.2.22.2, Emacs 22.2.1

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