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Tom Horsley 12-01-2007 09:43 PM

SOLVED!!! Fan runs constantly on (Acer TravelMate 4602WLMi ) Please help me.
> The problem is solved mate ^_^ I just stopper this service and fan
> started to behave like always.

Good to know I guessed right :-).

> One more little question (if you don't mind)).
> 1) How can I see my CPU usage and processes load? I mean something like Task Manager in XP,
> when you know exactly which process loads your CPU.
> I've tried SuperKaramba monitors, but only thing I can see out there
> is the CPU load.

The traditional linux tool is "top" (run it in a terminal window).
There are other things like the gnome-system-monitor applet you can
add to the panel in gnome sessions (and probably something similar
for kde as well), but the applets tend to just show summary info,
which top you can see which specific processes are hitting the

> 2) Is it normal to see 38% - 40% of CPU usage when I do nothing with my
> laptop? If this is to high, so I need to turn off some other
> (useless)processes too?

Sounds high to me. Just sitting here typing this, my cpu usage
occasionally hits 4% (but this is a desktop, don't know what is
normal for laptops). There are also a lot of things that run
periodically to check for updates, make the "whatis" database,
things like that, so one or more of those may be running.

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