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"Clarkson, Mike R (US SSA)" 11-28-2007 12:33 AM

unconfined_domtrans_to strict equivalent
I'm in the process of converting from a targeted-mls to a strict-mls
policy. In the targeted policy, when users log in they enter into the
unconfined_t domain. Therefore several of my domains, which are started
up from the unconfined_t domain, use the unconfined_domtrans_to
interface to allow automatic domain transitions from the unconfined
domain to my domains.

After converting, these domains will be started from one of the user
domains defined in the strict policy (either staff_t or sysadm_t). I've
searched through the userdomain.if file but haven't found an equivalent
interface to unconfined_domtrans_to. Can someone point me in the right


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