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David Timms 07-23-2012 01:05 PM

.desktop file - desktop-file-install - recent changes ?
The F18 rebuild-all picked up a problem in my package tnef:
+ desktop-file-install

error: file contains key "Type" in group "Desktop Action
tnefExtractToSubfolder", but keys extending the format should start with

error: key "Actions" is present in group "Desktop Entry", but the type
is "Service" while this key is only valid for type "Application"

Error on file "/builddir/build/SOURCES/tnefextract.desktop": Failed to
validate the created desktop file

RPM build errors:
The source .desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=tnef tools
Comment=tnef archive tool menu

[Desktop Action tnefExtractToSubfolder]
Name=Extract TNEF (email attachment) Archive "%f"

In F15/16/ this created a kde file association for winmail.dat files in
the file manager, and a menu entry to "Extract TNEF Archive".

Where can I find information on how this works now, or is
desktop-file-validate/install tripping up ?

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