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Thomas Spura 07-18-2012 09:04 AM

clarification: python2 modules allowed to go into python2-foo?

currently we are discussing, if it makes more sense to provide a
python-ipython package or a python2-ipython package, because we are
restructuring the package structure of ipython anyway right now [1].
The current python guidelines [2] don't mention, if new python2
providing modules still must/may/should be in a python-foo package, or
if it would be better to put them directly into an python2-foo

Reasoning for python2-foo:
When /usr/bin/python will provide python3, this means, that the normal
python-foo MUST be build with python3 as python needs to refer to the
current default /usr/bin/python --version.

Reasoning for python-foo:
The majority of modules providing python modules have a python-foo
structure. So when switching to /usr/bin/python = python3, it would
also make sense to ONLY do that with the main python package, but all
python-foo package still provide python2 modules and when you want to
have python3 modules, you MUST require python3-foo. The drawback is,
that you cannot rely on "The package which is named python-foo will be
build with the default python interpreter."

I'd vote for python2-foo for new packages and renaming the old
python-foo packages unless they build for $current supported python
versions (atm: python2 AND python3) at the same time (and python3-foo
for python3 modules etc). That pythonX-foo package, where X is the
first digit of the default python interpreter MUST provide python-foo.
This will allow us to be ready for

What is your opinion towards this?


P.S.: For the case of ipython, we can still leave it at ipython
without any pythonX- in front of it to avoid this, but it would be
great to have a general guidelines for this and I'm happy to help
renaming old packages/move forward to python4711.

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