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Ankur Sinha 06-28-2012 11:02 AM

Building the freemedforms suite

Freemedforms[1] a suite of medical software. It contains a few


others are still under development

At the time I packaged the freemedforms-emr (and when my review for
freediams was approved), upstream released separate tars for each of
these. They were therefore straight forward packages (I hadn't gotten
down to building freediams for Fedora yet. I've now built it, but it's
segfaulting. I'm waiting on upstream for a fix)

I recently updated the freemedforms package for fedora. I also went
ahead and split the package into meaningful subpackages based on their
functions. Spec[2]

I've found that upstream now releases a single tar[3] for all these
applications which has made the packaging incredibly messy. These
applications also share private libraries that are required for each of
them during both build and runtime (I've placed these in a
freemedforms-common-libs package in the spec).

Upstream maintains the package for debian. This is the "rules" file[4].
You'll notice upstream uses a single "spec" file to build all the
applications. I was wondering if I should follow this? It will involve
multiple invocations of qmake in the spec. Is that permitted? There
doesn't seem to be a single command to build the entire suite at the

It'll also increase the number of subpackages, but I think I can handle
the complexity.

Another issue is that upstream is still working on other applications
which are part of the suite. If I use a single spec, when these
applications are ready, how does a packager include them? I'd like each
of them reviewed before inclusion. We can't just modify an existing spec
(another packager may not have access to the spec either)

How should I proceed? Should I keep the applications as different
packages as I currently plan to? Should I look to use a single spec and
generate the entire suite?

I've tried to fix as many issues as I could in the spec. If you do
observe any, please let me know. I've only built at the moment, and not
pushed any updates.

[2];a=blob;f=freemedforms.spec;h=b 5c0c6e48a46aa8748d647ce60b6e36dc2779b6f;hb=e1d6954 1b02b88b2445e6f7088bd6d60e81a84fa

Warm regards,
Ankur: "FranciscoD"

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