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Michel Alexandre Salim 05-04-2012 10:47 AM

Reusing the same git module for different compat versions?
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Hi all,

Is it permissible to use a single compat package to provide different
'compat' binary packages on different Fedora releases?

The specific use case is for Vala: our Fedora packaging now allows for
parallel installation; you already can rebuild and install Vala
packages with different API levels side by side.

Vala upstream tends to create new API releases quite often, however,
and given that sometimes packages stop compiling against the newer
API, providing API-specific compatibility versions seems to be a lot
of work (and the package would have to be retired as soon as the
targeted release is EOLed).

Does the FPC allow having a single 'compat-vala' Git module, that
would target the API level one lower than the one shipped in the main
vala package, for every supported Fedora release? The package will be
very similar to the main vala one and changes can just be
cherry-picked, so maintenance is no problem.


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