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Thomas Spura 10-16-2011 05:13 PM

Packaging mozilla extensions

with the recent fast release cycle of firefox, it's harder to check
which extension is compatible with which firefox version.

There are two possibilities to add rpm dependencies to check that:
* add Requires e.g.
Requires: firefox =< 10.0
Requires: firefox >= 6.0

* add Conflicts, e.g.
Conflicts: firefox > 10.0
Conflicts: firefox < 6.0

The requires are quite easy to add and I currently requested a
subpackage of mozilla-filesystem, to add such requires at [1].

The drawback of this is, that the extensions need to be more
granulary: When a extension runs with firefox and seahorse, both
extensions need to be in a firefox-extension and seahorse-extension
package, or any firefox user are forced to install seahorse and vice

And here now my questions about that above:
* Is there something like rpm auto"conflicts" or only the
autoprovides implemented in the bug mentioned above?

* Is it maybe possible to add something like this to a .spec:
Conflicts: $(shellscript)
Which then uses scripts, to actually fill in the conflicts?
If that's possible, I'd say this is the way to go. If not,
the requires would be better.

Or do you have other solutions for this?


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