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Kara Schiltz 09-29-2010 03:07 AM

Spicy Fedora 14 Adds New Linux Flavor

Spicy Fedora 14 Adds New Linux Flavor
Polishing the Plumbing
By Sean Michael Kerner

The Red Hat sponsored Fedora Linux community distribution is out this
week with the first beta of the Fedora 14 release. The new distribution
updates key applications and introduces new security and virtualization
capabilities as well as support for the latest open source programming

"A lot of the features in Fedora 14 are more under-the-covers type
plumbing that needed to be done," Jared Smith, Fedora Project Leader,
told / "There are not a lot of new desktop-centric
features in this release."

One new feature that desktop users may benefit from is the SPICE
virtualization support included in Fedora 14. SPICE, the Simple Protocol
for Independent Computing Environment, is technology that Red Hat gained
as part of its acquisition of Qumranet
in 2008.

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