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Mel Chua 03-20-2010 05:49 PM

Talking points in stable equilibrium
Just wanted to drop a quick note on the talking points for F13,

The short of it is that they're done-enough-to-go, except for spins.
Further refinements may happen over time (we may link in new
resources/articles/feature-profiles to the relevant talking points as
they get made) but they've been shippable for a while.

The one exception to this is the spins - for which I wrote a quick
disclaimer, Since the
spins we are profiling are new ones, their spins.fp.o pages may not yet
be created, and they may not have many supporting materials.

Some spins have already done this, but would anyone be interested in
going to the maintainers of these spins and helping them make their own
materials - including going and getting up their spins.fp.o webpage - so
that the talking points can link to them?

New folks, this is a nice intro project if you are looking for one. ;-)

And with that, I'm putting the talking points down until such time as
someone says "we need the talking points for this specific use by this
date." (in other words, until a "customer" appears.)

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